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How much does commercial general liability insurance cost?

The cost of a general liability insurance policy for your technology business is influenced by your appetite for risk. A company that chooses a low policy limit will pay less, but higher limits offer more financial protection.

General liability insurance costs for TechInsurance customers

Small tech businesses pay a median premium of $28 per month, or $340 per year, for commercial general liability insurance.

Among IT professionals that purchase general liability insurance with TechInsurance, 40% pay less than $300 per year and 47% pay between $300 and $600 per year. Technology businesses in high-risk industries tend to pay more for general liability insurance.

Cost of general liability insurance for IT businesses.

Policy limits affect a tech company's premium

Technology businesses with a busy storefront or constant interaction with clients should consider higher policy limits to match the potential cost of a lawsuit. Higher limits cost more, but you can also receive a higher payout on a claim.

Most technology companies (88%) choose the $1 million / $2 million general liability policy, with a median deductible of $500. That means the policy has:

  • $1 million per occurrence limit. This policy pays up to $1 million on any single claim.
  • $2 million aggregate limit. This policy pays up to $2 million on all claims.
  • $500 deductible. The policyholder must pay $500 before collecting on a claim.

Tips for saving money on general liability insurance

Purchase a business owner’s policy (BOP). Small, low-risk technology businesses may be eligible for a business owner’s policy. A BOP bundles two common policies at a discount: general liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

Pay your annual premium in full. When you purchase a policy, you can pay your premium in monthly or annual installments. The annual premium often costs less than paying month by month.

Manage your risks. Tech companies with no previous claims on their insurance can expect to pay less for business insurance. Business owners can avoid claims with a risk management plan. That could include:

  • Strict protocol for social media posts
  • Prompt cleanup of spills
  • Clearing snow and ice at walkways and entrances
  • Removal of loose rugs and tripping hazards

What do tech companies pay for other policies?

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