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General Liability Insurance
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General liability insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance (COI) for commercial general liability insurance proves that your company carries this coverage. The document summarizes important information about your policy in a single page.

Prove your company is insured with a certificate of liability insurance

As soon as you buy a general liability insurance policy, you'll receive a certificate of insurance. This form outlines important information about your policy. It also provides proof of insurance to commercial landlords, clients, and others who want to know that you're insured.

To see what one looks like, review this sample ACORD certificate of liability insurance.

What does a general liability certificate include?

This document serves as proof of insurance. It outlines your general liability coverage and includes information about:

Your company. The certificate identifies the policyholder and the named insured, typically your business and yourself. You should see the name of your company and your contact information at the top of the form.

Your insurance company. The certificate shows which insurance agency provided your policy.

Policy number. You can find your general liability policy number on your COI.

The type of insurance and amount of coverage. Your certificate will outline your policy limits, deductibles, and other important details about your policy.

The policy period. The document will show your policy's effective date and its expiration date.

Additional insured. The certificate will list an additional insured who is also covered by the policy.

Waiver of subrogation. If included, this waiver prohibits your insurance company from suing a third party to recover the cost of a claim.

Business operations. The certificate will include a description of operations relevant to the policy, such as the type of work you do.

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When do you need a certificate of insurance?

Like other certificates of insurance, a certificate of general liability insurance is good for business. It shows landlords and clients that you are responsible, and that you can handle a bodily injury or property damage lawsuit. It can also prove that you met the coverage limits required for a lease or contract.

It's often required for commercial leases. A certificate of insurance shows commercial landlords that you're protected from lawsuits, which they may require in order to lease an office or other building to your company.

It's required for some client contracts. Knowing that you're insured means your clients don't have to worry about a lawsuit affecting them. Even if they don't require coverage, they might choose your company over an uninsured one because they know they're protected.

It's required by lenders. A lender might ask to see proof of general liability insurance coverage in order for you to obtain a loan. For example, SBA lenders usually require small business owners to carry this coverage.

How do you get a general liability insurance certificate?

Once you buy general liability coverage, you can download a certificate of insurance or request one from your insurance provider. There's no additional cost.

If you're insured through TechInsurance, you can contact an insurance agent or log in to the Customer Portal to get your certificate. You should be able to get it within hours of buying insurance, but contact your account manager if you need to speed up the process.

If you're not insured, you'll need to buy a policy to get a certificate of insurance. Fill out our free online application to get started. Choose from the quotes offered and buy an insurance policy online, then you can download a certificate. A licensed insurance agent is available to help you every step of the way.

The process is the same for the other policies we offer, like errors and omissions insurance (E&O) and workers' compensation insurance.

Still have questions? Explore our general liability insurance FAQs or ask an agent.

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