General liability insurance

Business owner's policy
Business owner’s policy (BOP) eligibility

Find out if your tech company is eligible for this policy, which bundles general liability insurance and commercial property insurance at a discount.

General liability insurance
What is general liability insurance?
General liability insurance provides the basic liability protection needed for all technology businesses. Explore your options and save with TechInsurance’s free quotes.
General liability insurance
When is general liability insurance required?

Commercial general liability insurance isn't usually required by law. However, you might need this policy to sign a lease or work with some clients.

General liability insurance
Frequently asked questions about general liability insurance
General liability insurance offers basic protection that benefits every tech company, no matter how small or large. Learn what this policy covers, when it's required, and other answers to frequently asked questions.
Small business insurance
How much does small business insurance cost?

The cost of small business liability insurance primarily depends on which policies you buy. The most common policy, general liability insurance, has an average cost of $28 per month.

Certificate of insurance
How do you get a certificate of liability insurance for your company?

A certificate of liability insurance is a document that proves your company has liability coverage. Your insurer issues you this certificate with your insurance policy – and you can also download a copy online whenever you need it.

Certificate of insurance
General liability insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance (COI) for commercial general liability insurance proves that your tech company carries this coverage. The document summarizes important information about your policy in a single page.

Insurance terms
Duty to defend

Want your insurer in your corner? A duty to defend policy makes it an insurer's obligation to provide legal defense for a lawsuit, instead of just compensating you for the claim.

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