General liability insurance

General liability insurance
What is general liability insurance?
General liability insurance provides the basic liability protection needed for all technology businesses. Explore your options and save with TechInsurance’s free quotes.
General liability insurance
How to get general liability insurance as an independent contractor

As a tech contractor, general liability insurance might not be at the top of your list of priorities. But when something goes wrong, it can protect you from a costly lawsuit. Here’s how to get this important policy in four steps.

General liability insurance
Frequently asked questions about general liability insurance
General liability insurance offers basic protection that benefits every tech company, no matter how small or large. Learn what this policy covers, when it's required, and other answers to frequently asked questions.
General liability insurance
What does general liability cover?
General liability insurance covers the most common accidents at tech companies. Most often, that's a lawsuit filed by someone other than an employee over financial or property damages.
General liability insurance
How much does general liability insurance cost?
The cost of a general liability insurance policy for your technology business is influenced by your appetite for risk. A company that chooses a low policy limit will pay less, but higher limits offer more financial protection.
Certificate of insurance
How do you get a certificate of liability insurance for a tech business?

A certificate of liability insurance is a document that proves your tech company carries insurance. After you purchase a policy, you can usually download your certificate online.

Small business insurance
How much does small business insurance cost?

The cost of small business liability insurance primarily depends on which policies you purchase. The size of your business, the risks associated with your profession, and the policy limits you choose will also affect the cost.

Small business tips
Liability insurance policies every online business should have

Online businesses face numerous risks that could lead to severe financial losses. These three online business liability insurance policies can help protect your company.

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