Certificate of insurance

Insurance terms
Additional insured

An additional insured is a business, individual, or other entity included in a general liability policy in addition to the named insured. Additional insureds are typically covered only during a loss claim that directly affects them.

Insurance terms
ACORD certificate of liability insurance

An ACORD certificate of liability insurance is a document that provides a summary of your business insurance policy and proves you have liability insurance coverage.

Certificate of insurance
Workers' compensation insurance certificate

A workers' compensation certificate of insurance proves that you carry this insurance coverage. Clients or regulators may ask to see your certificate, which you can access as soon as you buy a workers' comp policy.

Certificate of insurance
Errors and omissions insurance certificate

Clients might ask to see your errors and omissions insurance certificate, a document that serves as proof of insurance. You can access this certificate as soon as you buy an E&O policy, also called professional liability insurance.

Certificate of insurance
How do you get a certificate of liability insurance (COI) for your company?

A certificate of liability insurance is a document that proves your company has liability coverage. Your insurer issues you this certificate with your insurance policy – and you can also download a copy online whenever you need it.

Certificate of insurance
General liability insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance (COI) for commercial general liability insurance proves that your company carries this coverage. The document summarizes important information about your policy in a single page.

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