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What is commercial property insurance?

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Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance can cover repair or replacement of a tech company's property that is stolen, destroyed, or damaged.

When is a commercial property policy important for a technology company?

A commercial property policy protects your place of work and the tools you use to get the job done. Commercial property insurance is key in IT, a field known for specialty equipment and inventory.

Those who work from home need reliable tech. Businesses that own a building need to protect their property. Whether it’s an accidental coffee spill on your laptop or a windstorm that breaks your office windows, this policy can help with repairs.

What does commercial property insurance do?

Commercial property insurance ensures you have the facility and equipment you need to run your business. Even small tech companies can have big investments in the technology they need to stay competitive.

When business property is lost, stolen, or damaged, this policy can pay to repair or replace it. Learn more about commercial property insurance coverage.

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Examples of commercial property insurance coverage

Bundle coverage in a business owner’s policy to save

Small tech companies can save money when they combine commercial property insurance and general liability insurance in a business owner’s policy (BOP). This two-in-one bundle includes the most common types of coverage that a small business needs, at a discount.

Only low-risk businesses are eligible for a BOP. Check with a TechInsurance agent to find out if your company qualifies.

Commercial property insurance costs

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Commercial property insurance pricing depends on your:

  • Office location and weather-related risks
  • Building size and age
  • Equipment value
  • Security systems and other safety measures
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Keep your company running with business interruption insurance

For fires and other incidents that can close an office for weeks or months, most commercial property policies come with business interruption insurance. This policy can pay for a move to a temporary location, cover your lost income, and pay your employees until your business reopens.

Check with your TechInsurance agent to make sure it's included in your commercial property policy or BOP.

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