Workers' compensation insurance

Workers' compensation insurance
What is workers’ compensation insurance?
Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees against work-related injuries and illnesses. Explore your options and save with TechInsurance’s free quotes.
Workers' compensation insurance
Frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation insurance

Most states require workers’ compensation for tech businesses that have employees. Learn what this policy covers, when it's required, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Workers' compensation insurance
How much does workers’ compensation insurance cost?

If you have employees, you likely need workers’ compensation coverage. This policy pays medical expenses for work injuries and costs small tech companies about $35 per month.

Workers' compensation insurance
State laws for workers’ compensation insurance

Regulations for workers’ compensation insurance vary by state. Learn more about workers’ compensation state laws and how they apply to your IT business.

Workers' compensation insurance
How to get the best workers' comp rates for your tech company
Part of your workload is figuring out what you need for your tech business and where you can cut costs. Striking this balance with business insurance is key to your budgeting.
Workers' compensation insurance
Does workers’ comp cover office injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your employees don’t have to do dangerous work to face workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. To protect yourself and your team, invest in a workers’ compensation policy that covers common office injuries.

Workers' compensation insurance
How do workers’ compensation, health insurance, and disability insurance differ?

Workers’ compensation, disability insurance, and health insurance pay for medical costs or lost wages due to illness or injury. But what they cover and when they kick in depends on the policy.

Risk management
Common workplace injuries for tech businesses

Repetitive motion injuries and slip-and-fall injuries can happen at any tech company. Keeping yourself and your employees safe at work helps you maintain low workers' comp rates.

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