Small business insurance

Small business insurance
Small Business Insurance
Find out how your tech company can benefit from small business insurance and compare quotes for free with TechInsurance.
Property insurance
What office insurance does your small business need?

Buying or renting an office is a big step for a small company – so you’ll want to make sure to protect your investment with office insurance. While commercial property insurance pays for damage to your building and belongings, you’ll likely need other policies as well.

Business structure
Business insurance for S corps

While an S corp shields tech business owners from some legal liabilities, it’s still important to protect yourself with business insurance.

Small business insurance
What is small business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance is any type of commercial insurance that defends against accusations that your business caused damage, injury, or loss. It's recommended for all small businesses because of the high cost of lawsuits.

Small business insurance
Frequently asked questions about business liability insurance

Business liability insurance is an insurance category that includes a range of liability policies for businesses. Find answers to your questions about liability insurance coverage, requirements, costs, and more.

Small business insurance
How to reduce liability claims against your business

Liability claims can be a threat to your tech business. If you’re accused of injuring someone, damaging property, or causing other harm it could easily turn into a costly lawsuit. That’s why it's important to have the right insurance protection in place to cover a range of potential liability risks.

Small business insurance
18 examples of how business lawsuit insurance can protect you

Lawsuits, even frivolous lawsuits, can cost your business valuable time and money.

Small business insurance
Small Business Insurance in Your State

State laws determine whether your business needs workers' compensation and other policies. Learn the requirements for tech businesses in your state and compare quotes online for free with TechInsurance.

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