Small business insurance

Small business insurance
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Small business insurance
Small Business Insurance Policies
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Small business insurance
How much does small business insurance cost?

The cost of small business liability insurance primarily depends on which policies you buy. The most common policy, general liability insurance, has an average cost of $28 per month.

Small business insurance
How much does consulting business insurance cost?

If you’re a consultant, you should look at general liability insurance as it costs about $30 per month and covers common business risks. It is often required by state law, clients, or landlords, and covers unexpected costs that could threaten what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Small business insurance
What is small business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance is any type of commercial insurance that defends against accusations that your business caused damage, injury, or loss. It's recommended for all small businesses because of the high cost of lawsuits.

Insurance terms
Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance protects against lawsuits, fires, cyberattacks, and other risks that could devastate your tech company. Learn how it works and when your business might need it.

Business structure
Business insurance for LLCs

Once you’ve registered as a limited liability company (LLC), your personal assets are protected against the risks of running a business. The next step is to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your tech company.

Property insurance
What office insurance does your small business need?

Buying or renting an office is a big step for a small tech company – so you’ll want to make sure to protect your investment with office insurance. While commercial property insurance pays for damage to your building and belongings, you’ll likely need other policies as well.

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