Small business insurance

Small business insurance
Insurance for your tech business made simple
Compare technology business insurance quotes tailored for your profession. Gain techinsurance that protects against lawsuits, property damage, and more.
Independent contractors
Freelance Business Insurance

Large companies aren't the only ones vulnerable to lawsuits and other unplanned expenses. Tech freelancers face the same business risks, which is why they need insurance.

Small business insurance
Small Business Insurance
Small business insurance provides financial protection against common accidents, liability claims, and damages that could impact your small business.
IT / Tech professionals
Business Insurance for Tech and Software Companies
Different types of small business insurance address different accidents, lawsuits, and damages that could impact technology businesses and professionals.
Small business insurance
How to find cheap small business insurance

It’s not as difficult as you might think to find affordable small business insurance. From comparison shopping to bundling policies, learn how you can save money and still protect your business.

Business structure
Startup Business Insurance

Your tech startup could be the next big thing. To take your company to the next level and secure your dream by protecting you, your investors, and your team with the right startup insurance.

Business structure
Sole Proprietor Insurance

Sole proprietors face many of the same risks as larger tech companies, which makes business insurance just as important. Discover recommended policies for sole proprietors in IT.

Business structure
S Corp Insurance

While an S corp shields tech business owners from some legal liabilities, it’s still important to protect yourself with business insurance.

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