Independent contractors

General liability insurance
How to get general liability insurance as an independent contractor

As a tech contractor, general liability insurance might not be at the top of your list of priorities. But when something goes wrong, it can protect you from a costly lawsuit. Here’s how to get this important policy in four steps.

Business structure
Business insurance for freelancers

Large companies aren't the only ones vulnerable to lawsuits and other unplanned expenses. Tech freelancers face the same business risks.

Independent contractors
Workers' compensation for independent contractors
Independent contractors often do everything themselves until their workload justifies contracting someone else. Here's an overview of how these contract relationships affect workers' compensation needs.
Software development
Know your intellectual property rights on work-for-hire software

A copyright protects your software from other people modifying and reselling it without permission, but it’s applied differently depending on whether you build software for your own company or for clients.

Insurance terms
Vicarious liability

When you have vicarious liability for something, it means you could be held legally responsible for any resulting harm even though you didn’t directly cause it. For example, a tech company could be held accountable for the actions of an employee.

Independent contractors
Business insurance for independent contractors

Companies of all sizes in the tech industry face the same basic business risks. Business insurance can help IT independent contractors protect themselves from liability.

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