Errors & omissions insurance

Certificate of insurance
Errors and omissions insurance certificate

Clients might ask to see your errors and omissions insurance certificate, a document that serves as proof of insurance. You can access this certificate as soon as you buy an E&O policy, also called professional liability insurance.

Errors & omissions insurance
What is errors and omissions insurance?
Errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, protects small businesses against lawsuits over professional mistakes or oversights. Compare quotes online with TechInsurance.
Insurance terms
Duty to defend

Want your insurer in your corner? A duty to defend policy makes it an insurer's obligation to provide legal defense for a lawsuit, instead of just compensating you for the claim.

Insurance terms
Prior acts coverage
Prior acts coverage, also known as nose coverage, offers protection from events that occurred before your existing policy was purchased, up to a particular retroactive date.
Insurance terms
Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides coverage when a client sues you over errors, oversights, or alleges negligence in your work even if you did nothing wrong.

Insurance terms
Professional negligence

Clients could accuse your tech company of professional negligence if you fail to provide a service or meet their expectations.

Insurance terms
Tail coverage

Tail coverage is a provision that provides coverage for incidents that occurred while you had your policy, but a claim wasn’t filed until after your policy’s expiration date.

Small business insurance
How much business liability insurance do I need?

Liability insurance can protect you from risks and help your business meet contract requirements. Here’s how to decide which coverage limits you need for your liability policies.

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