Cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance
How much cyber liability insurance do you need?

Depending on the scale and severity of a cyberattack and the cost of data recovery, settlements or judgments could easily top six figures. Evaluate your business risk to determine how much cyber liability insurance you need.

Insurance terms
First-party cyber liability insurance

First-party cyber liability insurance helps cover expenses resulting from a data breach or cyberattack on your business’s own network.

Insurance terms
Cyberextortion is an online crime in which hackers hold your business data hostage or disable your websites or computer systems until you pay a ransom.
Insurance terms
Digital assets
Business data stored in a digital format online or on a hard drive are considered digital assets.
Insurance terms
Third-party cyber liability insurance
Third-party cyber liability insurance provides liability coverage for businesses, including tech companies, that handle other people’s sensitive data.
General liability insurance
Who is covered under my liability insurance?

Every liability insurance policy is different. Who is covered by your liability insurance depends on a few factors, including the type of insurance and any modifications made to the policy.

Small business tips
Liability insurance policies every online business should have

Online businesses face numerous risks that could lead to severe financial losses. These three online business liability insurance policies can help protect your company.

Cyber liability insurance
How to prevent DDoS attacks, phishing, and other cyber threats

Cyber threats like denial-of-service attacks and phishing can hurt your reputation and your bottom line. Follow these steps to protect your business and your clients against cyber crime.

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