General liability insurance

Insurance terms
Additional insured

An additional insured is a business, individual, or other entity included in a general liability policy in addition to the named insured. Additional insureds are typically covered only during a loss claim that directly affects them.

Insurance terms
ACORD certificate of liability insurance

An ACORD certificate of liability insurance is a document that provides a summary of your business insurance policy and proves you have liability insurance coverage.

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How to handle a frivolous lawsuit

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, someone can still sue your IT business. Learn how to prepare for this possibility.

General liability insurance
Frequently asked questions about general liability insurance
General liability insurance offers basic protection that benefits every company, no matter how small or large. Learn what this policy covers, when it's required, and other answers to frequently asked questions.
General liability insurance
What does general liability insurance cover?
General liability insurance covers the most common accidents at any small business. Most often, that's a lawsuit filed by someone outside your business over financial losses or property damage.
Small business tips
Does your insurance company have a duty to defend you during a lawsuit?

A duty to defend clause in your liability policy means your insurance company must work out the details of your legal defense.

Certificate of insurance
General liability insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance (COI) for commercial general liability insurance proves that your company carries this coverage. The document summarizes important information about your policy in a single page.

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Liability insurance policies every online business should have

Online businesses face numerous risks that could lead to severe financial losses. These three online business liability insurance policies can help protect your company.

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