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Comprehensive Business Insurance

Sometimes, tech companies need a little extra risk protection based on the specific work they do. Read on to find out how these types of insurance (which are less often needed by IT companies) might help you manage the risks you face.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

An increasingly popular coverage, EPLI responds to allegations such as discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment of employees. This coverage is seldom required by client contracts, but can be important for a rapidly growing company. These policies can be costly, but so can EPLI lawsuits. Learn more about our EPLI policies to find out if this coverage makes sense for your business.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance protects you from unexpected interruptions in your business caused by natural disasters, supply chain problems, fires, and other covered property events by providing revenue during periods when your business is unable to operate normally. Business Interruption coverage takes the form of income that business owners can use to pay rent, utilities, employee wages, taxes, loans, and other expenses during periods when they're unable to operate. Learn more about Business Interruption Insurance.

Umbrella Liability (AKA Excess Liability) Insurance

When the amount of liability coverage provided by your General Liability, Auto Liability, and/or Employer's Liability is not enough, Umbrella or Excess Liability coverage can be the solution. Umbrella coverage can be bundled with a General Liability policy or purchased as a standalone policy. Additional coverage is offered in increments of $1,000,000. Learn more about our Umbrella Liability Insurance options.

Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)

The personal assets of private companies' directors and officers are at risk from suits by a variety of entities: customers and clients, shareholders, competitors or suppliers, and government agencies. But the greatest number of suits against directors and officers are employment-related lawsuits brought by employees of the company. Directors and Officers Insurance is frequently bundled in a package with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). Learn more about our D&O policies.

Property Insurance

Coverage for business-owned property (desks, phones, computers, etc.) is available through Property Insurance. Property Insurance protects your business property against physical loss or damage by theft, fire, or other means. A Business Owner's Policy is a type of package policy that includes General Liability and Property coverage for a single annual premium. Learn more about our Business Property Insurance options.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Coverage for liability associated with the use of vehicles titled in the company name. Comprehensive and collision coverage are often included to cover damage to the owned vehicles. Learn more about Commercial Auto Insurance.

Hired Auto & Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Typically added as an endorsement on a General Liability policy, Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance protects your company if an employee has an accident in a personal or rented vehicle and the employee's insurance is inadequate to pay the claim. When there are no vehicles titled in the company name, this coverage meets contract requirements for Commercial Auto coverage. Learn more about Hired Auto & Non-Owned Auto Insurance.

Office Insurance

Whether you operate your business from a home office, a rented space, or a building you own, your business faces a variety of office-specific liabilities. Office insurance products can protect you from damage to your business property, liability lawsuits, and even injury to your employees. Learn more about Office Insurance for your tech company.

Personal Insurance Products for Tech Professionals

Auto and Homeowner's Insurance

TechInsurance offers access to Home and Auto Insurance from a name you trust: The Hartford, a leading insurance carrier that already provides business insurance to many TechInsurance customers. Known for its nearly 200-year tradition of financial stability and leadership, The Hartford makes insurance simple. You'll get the coverage you need at a great price, with quotes and ongoing service provided by one of the best carriers in the business. Learn more about Auto Insurance from TechInsurance.

Health Insurance

Need Health Insurance for your team? Work with one of TechInsurance's trusted partners to get quotes for a plan that will keep you and your employees healthy. Learn more about health insurance here.

Disability Insurance

Worried about what might happen to your business if you become disabled? Find out how Disability Insurance can offer you greater peace of mind and help ensure that you're protected in worst-case scenarios. Learn more about Disability Insurance here.

TriNet Benefits and HR Services

Need a partner to handle your payroll, HR, or employee benefits? TriNet offers comprehensive HR services so you can focus your energy on the work you're most passionate about. Learn more.

Life Insurance - Business and Personal

What happens to your family if you die and are unable to continue operating your business? Protect their future with a Life Insurance policy from one of TechInsurance's trusted partners. Learn more about life insurance here.

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Still want to learn more? We've assembled educational articles on these and other types of insurance in our resources section.