Risk & Project Management eBook for IT Professionals

Insurance is a critical part of a comprehensive risk management strategy, but there are plenty of other ways you can protect your company against risk. TechInsurance has published a free eBook full of articles that include tips, advice and tools you can use to reduce risk and improve your project management processes.

Many of the articles were originally published as part of an ongoing article series at the TechInsurance Small Business Center and include specific examples for IT professionals working in the fields of custom programming, systems integration, IT consulting, project management or web development.

For easy reference, the articles are organized chronologically, in the order you would encounter each topic while progressing through a typical IT project timeline. You’ll also find links to additional information and resources, including free, customizable project management templates you can use right away.

"Well-crafted risk management and project management processes, used consistently in all client relationships, can help IT service providers avoid mistakes and create strong client relationships. And that can help small business owners stay away from costly lawsuits. Our customers will find ideas and tools in this eBook that they can apply on the job right away."
-Jim Cochran, founder and president, TechInsurance

For a technology specialist, the insurance business can seem like a complex world with too many legal terms and an overwhelming number of choices. Your core competency is providing technology solutions. Ours is helping you understand insurance, so you can get the appropriate coverage to grow your business.

70% of businesses raise prices or cut hiring when sued