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Risk Management through Software Testing

A Growing Market for IT Professionals

The outsourced software testing market is expected to grow more than ten percent by 2016, according to a study done by Technavio, a leading technology research firm. While this growth presents an opportunity for IT professionals to expand their business, it also means small-business owners in IT fields need to be aware of the risks of this emerging industry.

Software Risk Management: Liability Issues for Software Testers

Can software testers be sued for failing to identify bugs and security weaknesses in client software? Yes. This is a major area of professional liability for software testers. Software testers can be sued for professional negligence when they don't test software thoroughly, overlook an error in their testing, or otherwise fail to deliver the quality of work expected from clients and outlined in contracts.

Of note: You don't have to be the author of software code to be held liable for errors. If you played a role in testing the software and didn't catch a problem, you could be held liable for damages the problem caused (i.e., be held responsible for financially compensating affected parties).

As you know, it can be nearly impossible to find every defect or security hole in a piece of software. Software giants like Microsoft frequently update their programs after they become aware of new security threats (in fact, Microsoft recently updated MS Word and Windows after it learned of a new vulnerability). While you can't expect to find every flaw, you can practice smart software risk management by protecting your company with IT business insurance.

As you prepare to meet the growing demand for software testing, remember that liability goes hand in hand with opportunity.

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