Smart Watches, Tablets Mean More Risk Exposures for Businesses with BYOD Policies

TechInsurance issues five tips for maintaining data security as mobile work explodes across new devices.

Chicago, IL——With the launch of Sony's SmartWatch 2 last week at Shanghai's Mobile Asia Expo, a new era of mobile computing devices officially dawned. Smart watches synced to smartphones, Google Glass, and crossover "phablets" (a mix between a phone and a tablet) mean that IT professionals face more challenges than ever in protecting sensitive data, and more liability in the event of a breach.

Considering the explosion of connected mobile devices, it's perhaps no surprise that more than half of companies report having a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy in place – but as new gadgets roll out and enjoy enthusiastic adoption in the IT community, network administrators and owners of small tech businesses need to make sure their teams aren't exposing their companies' sensitive proprietary information or client data.

"Keeping data secure is a bit like keeping heat in your house in the winter," said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance, the nation's leading online insurance agency for small IT and technology businesses. "The more access points you have, the more likely some of it's going to leak out." He added that, like homeowners, business owners with robust BYOD policies can insulate themselves against the risk of data leaks and breaches by being diligent about adhering to security protocol.

To help technology professionals maintain data security as their team members introduce the latest gadgets and wearable devices to their mobile arsenals, TechInsurance has issued five tips for ensuring security no matter what devices employees bring to the mix:

  • Invest in secure, functionality-boosting apps. For true productivity on the go, employees need access to more than their email. Luckily, app developers have acknowledged this and released apps that enable secure access of Office 365 and other work-essential programs from mobile devices. Investing the time and money needed to equip employees' mobile devices with these apps can increase productivity without setting a small company up for a potentially disastrous and costly data breach.
  • Require that mobile devices be locked with strong, regularly updated passwords. The utility of passwords has been called into question in recent months, but they can still be highly effective in protecting data – if they're used properly. Network administrators should implement a BYOD policy that demands strong passwords that users are prompted and required to update on a regular basis.
  • Implement a remote-wipe procedure for incidents of loss or theft. To bolster the strength of remote wipes, administrators should educate their teams about the importance of reporting loss or theft promptly to minimize potential data exposure.
  • Establish guidelines for app downloads. One of the biggest potential sources of viruses and malware for mobile devices is downloaded apps that contain malicious code. A policy that lays specific criteria for allowable apps can prevent the introduction of dangerous material.
  • Invest in a robust Cyber Liability Insurance policy. If and when data exposure from a mobile device does result in a data breach, owners of IT businesses can avoid having to drain their assets by protecting themselves with Cyber Liability Insurance, which covers the costs associated with making amends after a data breach.

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