Free Website Privacy Policy Template

Whenever you or your business publishes a website, a Privacy Policy protects you from legal liability linked to your use of website users' information. Outlining your legal obligations in a Privacy Policy is an important part of minimizing your potential liability. If and when a user of a website you created decides to sue you based on the way you used their information, the language included in your Privacy Policy can help establish legal grounds for your defense.

By making clear exactly what you plan to do with users' information, you avoid a number of potentially thorny privacy issues. Of course, even if you are not liable for the charges in a lawsuit brought against you, you'll be required to defend yourself in court. That defense can be costly, which is why adequate Errors & Omissions Insurance is an essential complement to a sturdy Privacy Policy.

What Does the Sample Privacy Policy Template Include?

This free sample Privacy Policy Template* outlines:

  • What privacy standards website visitors can expect
  • How you plan to use information gathered from site visitors
  • How copyrights and trademarks on the website will be used
  • What privacy standards exist for children who visit the website
  • That you offer no guarantees about the website's performance
  • That you are not liable for any losses or damages resulting from website usage

Including a privacy policy on the websites you build helps you minimize your legal liability in the event that a site visitor wants to sue you or your business for damages related to privacy issues.

This sample Privacy Policy includes the following sections:

  1. Confidential Material
  2. Use and Treatment of Confidential Material
  3. Return of Confidential Material
  4. Remedies
  5. Binding Effect
  6. Employee Solicitation / Hiring
  7. Non-Assignment
  8. Arbitration
  9. Attorney's Fees
  10. Severability
  11. Waiver and Modification
  12. Entire Agreement 

Download the sample Privacy Policy Contract for free.

Protect Your Growing Business with the Right Contracts

As your IT business takes on new clients and projects, you'll face new legal liability exposures. You can limit your liability and protect your business assets by ensuring you have the proper contracts for every project you undertake. In case your needs extend beyond a Privacy Policy document, you can download two other free sample contracts courtesy of TechInsurance.

Keep in mind, too, that any time you take on a new type of project, offer new services, or grow your business, there's a good chance your insurance coverage needs will change. Contact a TechInsurance agent today to find out whether your insurance is adequate for your business's current operations.

*The forms included in this product are intended for reference and informational purposes only. These forms are not intended to be used to address a specific legal need you may have without the review of a knowledgeable authority. The specific circumstances of your legal situation may require modifications to the forms included in this product or may result in a particular form being poorly suited to your need due to the specifics of your situation. Additionally, these forms were written based on general legal principles existing at a specific point in time. The laws may have changed since these forms were written or the law of your specific jurisdiction may require consideration of issues not addressed in these documents or may require a different approach to the problem than is used here. Because we cannot decide whether any particular form is appropriate for your legal needs with or without modification, these forms should not be used as a replacement for seeking help from a licensed attorney should you believe such assistance to be appropriate.