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TechInsurance Launches Turnkey Marketing Materials for Tech Professionals

Monday, March 24, 2014/Categories: small-business-resources

If you’re a technology startup or a small technology firm, you now have access to a new tool for managing your marketing materials and boosting customer engagement. This week, TechInsurance launched a partnership with ModSocket, a marketing firm that provides professional-quality marketing materials to small businesses for a monthly subscription rate.

Many owners of small tech firms divide their time among dozens of tasks, and that it’s all too easy to let marketing fall by the wayside, even when a business owner recognizes that thoughtful marketing can help them grow their small business and win new customers.

Access to Dozens of Marketing Templates

With a free membership to ModSocket, technology business owners can browse dozens of templates for a variety of marketing materials, including…

  • Emails.
  • Print and online ads.
  • Postcards.
  • Brochures.
  • Fliers.
  • Email campaigns.

Business owners who purchase a ModSocket subscription simply customize the marketing materials they think will have the biggest impact on their existing and potential clients with their branding and messaging, then upload customer contact information to the ModSocket system and schedule delivery dates.

All-in-One Marketing Support

At TechInsurance, we believe firmly in making things easier for small-business owners, which is one reason we’re so excited about the opportunity ModSocket presents. To make marketing even more straightforward for business tech professionals, TechInsurance is offering customers who want a ModSocket subscription receive a 50 percent discount on the standard $49.95 cost.

Set up your discounted ModSocket membership to initiate a marketing campaign.

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