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Tech Recruiters: Let Us Help You Place More Prospects

Tech Recruiters: Let Us Help You Place More Prospects

Tuesday, April 4, 2017/Categories: hiring-and-human-resources

As a tech recruiter, you have a keen eye for top IT talent. Your clients count on you to find skilled tech contractors, including…

  • Database developers.
  • Network engineers.
  • Software developers.
  • Network security administrators.
  • Data scientists.

From your recruiting background, you know that while some tech folks crave the security of a full-time gig, others prefer the lone-wolf lifestyle of being a contractor. But the problem is that many employers won't hire a contractor unless they have certain insurance policies, such as …

For an IT recruiter, it can be frustrating to have a client that needs a software developer who can start tomorrow, and when you locate the perfect fit, you discover the contractor is uninsured.

That's where we come in. TechInsurance can help IT contractors get covered, often within 24 hours. And when you partner with us to help your IT talent get insured, you come out ahead, too. Here's how.

Why You Should Join the TechInsurance Partner Program

To make it easier for tech recruiters to ensure their contractors have insurance, we launched a turnkey referral program specifically for IT recruiters. Not only does it help your contractors purchase insurance in a flash, but it also provides a revenue-boosting opportunity for you.

Our partnerships are fully customizable, so we can make it as simple or robust as you need. We can even provide your recruiting firm with a link to a co-branded landing page that you can share with contractors. Many of our partner pages include the following information:

  • Insurance policies with pre-set insurance requirements. (Again, this is totally optional.)
  • Levels of coverage contractors must purchase to meet client requirements (if necessary).
  • Typical costs for each type of coverage so contractors can plan ahead.
  • A link to the application.

For more information on our partnership opportunities and incentives, contact us [email protected].

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