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Steal these 15 Daily Habits of Successful Business Owners

Steal these 15 Daily Habits of Successful Business Owners

Tuesday, March 7, 2017/Categories: business-tips

Looking for ways to make the day-to-day of running your business a little easier? We asked several entrepreneurs to share their secret to small business success. They don't all own tech companies, but their advice applies no matter what industry you're in. Here are the best 15 tips we rounded up for you to steal borrow for your business.

1. Wake Up Early. Like, REALLY Early

"I get up around 4 a.m. each day. This helps me get some work done, exercise, and then do a few more hours of work while most people are sleeping. It gives me a head start on the day and lets me take care of many of the must-dos before the business day begins for most." – Peter Vekselman (@coachpeterv), entrepreneur and

2. Hand-Write a Daily To-Do List

"One habit that has helped me to be successful as a small-business owner is the use of a daily, handwritten to-do list. This works a lot better than mobile apps because I have an actual document for reference. I make my list each morning with three categories in mind. The first is for things that I must complete that day, and the second is for items that need my attention but can wait. I utilize the last category for minor stuff I can take care of if I have a slow day." – Andrew Schrage, founder and CEO of the financial education site (@MoneyCrashers)

For more ideas on how to optimize your downtime, check out "6 Productive Things IT Business Owners Can Do on a Slow Day."

3. Meditate

"Every morning, I arrive to our office a half hour before the rest of the staff. I pull out a mat and cushion from the closet and meditate for 30 minutes. This habit lets me start the day in a calm and focused way. It reduces my stress level and makes me more patient with my employees." – William Gadea (@willgadea), founder and creative director of the animation studio (@IdeaRocket321)

4. Look at the Numbers

"A great habit to get into is checking sales data first thing every morning. Many entrepreneurs that I have worked with love to check it, but only once every week, and sometimes only once a month. I find that checking sales data every morning lights a fire under me to improve sales trends and inspires actionable ideas." – Wesley Flippo, cofounder and CMO of the drone sale and review site (@BuyTheBestDrone)

5. Be Curious

"The one keystone habit that has helped me grow my business is curiosity. I am by nature a very curious person. It has led me to network and connect with some very interesting people and platforms to help grow my business." – Madeline Johnson (@MarketCouncil), growth strategist and marketing consultant

6. Promote Your Business Relentlessly

"I do nonstop PR every day. By that, I don't just mean the major media outlets, but every blog writer or high school student wanting to interview me. I don't turn anyone away, no matter how small. Sure, we have been on The Tonight Show and Conan. But one of the biggest reasons for our success has been our nonstop willingness to talk to anyone at any time, and then share those interviews on our social media." – Craig Wolfe, president of the collectibles manufacturer (@CelebriDucks)

7. Let Loose

"I have fun at work. I act silly. I dance when I hand out paychecks. We celebrate everything and anything. We have fun, and I am not afraid to enjoy every day or make a fool of myself. I believe that it is this happy, can-do, do-anything type of attitude that has contributed to the success of our business." – Deborah Sweeney (@deborahsweeney), CEO of the online business filing company (@MyCorporation)

8. Answer Questions

"I was preparing for an exam and posted my study notes online. Before long I had passed the exam and people were finding my site when they Googled questions about the topic. After that, I started answering visitors' questions [and] mentoring others on the subject, and I recently released my first study guide. I now make a practice of 'showing my work' as I research items and try to document everything I learn. You never know who is watching or what opportunities the effort will bring." – Ted Hessing, owner of

9. Be Stubborn

"My habit of being stubborn has been the secret to the success of my small business. After building my dating business for over six years, I've got a laser-focused vision to succeed and will do almost anything to keep this business flourishing. When most people would have quit, I only hustled harder. That's why one of my favorite quotes is from Babe Ruth: 'You just can't beat the person who never gives up.' "– Lori Cheek (@loricheeknyc), founder and CEO of the Bluetooth mobile dating app Cheekd (@Cheekd)

10. Get Involved

"A fantastic and unique way to grow your business is by joining business organizations in your community. Networking and rubbing shoulders with businesspeople in your community almost always yields positive results. These relationships often turn into lucrative referral business. Host events, write blog posts for others, and be a voice in your community. Becoming a thought leader in your space benefits much more than your own resume, as it connects with new audiences and grows brand awareness." – Sacha Ferrandi, founder of the hard money lending company (@sourcecapital)

For networking tips, check out "14 Questions That Will Make You a Networking Rock Star."

11. Don't Be Afraid to Outsource

"When I first started hiring subcontractors, there was a psychological hurdle I had to get over because, of course, it was an expense, and it was usually for some activity that I could do myself. The change came when I started to think of subcontracting as paying for the experience I would get in finding and managing a subcontractor. I treated hiring a subcontractor for a given role the first time as my own training as a manager – not as a way to get that particular task done." – Robert McGuire (@robertwmcguire), owner of

For pointers on working with subcontractors, read our eBook Need Subcontractors? How to Hire Like a Boss.

12. Be Tenacious

"Tenacity must be a habit. This means that you are steadfast and unwavering, even against opposition or setbacks. Someone who is easily discouraged or weak in willpower will not make it as a business owner. I do not believe that tenacity is only an innate talent people are born with. I believe it can be learned with practice and purpose." – Dawn Roberts (@DawnTheMaven), business efficiency consultant at

13. End Meetings with Calls to Action

"Before the end of each meeting, always review next steps with each party. This confirms that everyone ends the meeting with clear actionable plans and not vague tasks to be accomplished soon. This also makes your tasks a priority and pushes progress." – Kelly Bedrich (@kbedrich), cofounder and president of the electricity plans comparison site (@shopelectricity)

14. Maintain an Open-Door Policy

"As the owner, I rarely close my door. In fact, my door stays open unless I am in the middle of an important meeting or phone call. The staff knows they can knock and enter anytime. And I tell my managers to keep their doors open, too. You never know when someone is going to burst in with a great idea." – Brad Nierenberg (@bradnierenberg), founder and president of the experiential marketing agency (@RedPegMarketing)

15. Enjoy Each Work Day

"Mastering the ability to genuinely relish the contents of every work day, no matter what that day contains, is the secret to success. Having sound business systems and repeatable processes that can be optimized over time are crucial, but none of it matters if the leadership team approaches the business as a challenge that must be surmounted rather than an opportunity available to enjoy." – Indigo Dutton, consultant and founder of

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