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No Time for Professional Development? Follow These 5 Helpful Accounts

No Time for Professional Development? Follow These 5 Helpful Accounts

Wednesday, April 20, 2016/Categories: business-development-and-sales

For an independent IT consultant, it’s tough to find time for professional development. Between landing clients and managing projects, your workday is jam-packed. But don’t let professional development fall by the wayside. It’s an important part of both growing your skillset and managing your Errors & Omissions risks.

The ideal solution is to sign up for classes, conventions, and programs that broaden your technical horizons or deepen your expertise. But for a short-term solution, check out the Twitter accounts below when you have a spare minute. They can help IT consultants learn something new about their field and stay up to date on the latest trends.

1. @InfosecEditor

Eleanor Dallaway is the editor of (hence the handle) and regularly posts breaking news and in-depth features by the publication. If you’re looking for the latest on cyber security, hackers, and data breach shenanigans, this is the account to follow.

Every once in a while she’ll post a more personal tweet, but mostly, she's on a mission to secure the Internet one tweet at a time.

2. @codinghorror

Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of , one of the largest online communities of programmers out there, as well as Discourse, a community discussion platform. On top of all that, he runs the Coding Horror blog, an endlessly entertaining and informative source of programming insights and irreverent quips. His Twitter feed is in turns sardonic, enlightening, goofy, and awesome.

3. @mikewcohn

Project management is often an essential part of an IT consultant’s work. Even if you're only indirectly involved with the project management side of things, it pays to know more about the process.

That’s why you should follow Mike Cohn, an agile software development consultant and founder of . He tweets helpful articles about leadership in project management and software development and writes in-depth about these topics on his blog.

4. @marcgravell

Marc Gravell works at the aforementioned Stack Overflow. He also runs his own coding blog, which covers his projects, interests, and thoughts. Coders will appreciate his posts about common coding problems and testing frameworks.

His Twitter feed tackles similar concerns, so if you like to geek out over coding, give him a follow.

5. @retomeier

Do you develop apps for Android? If you're even thinking about it, Reto Meier is your guy. He’s an Android developer at at and has a ton of tips to offer other Android developers. His feed is full of links to informative articles and updates, punctuated by the occasional quip.

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