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5 Things IT Business Owners Are Grateful for in 2017

5 Things IT Business Owners Are Grateful for in 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017/Categories: business-tips

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means it's time to hit pause on the daily grind, reflect, and give thanks for everything that has gone right over the past year.

We asked several IT business owners to share what they are most grateful for in 2017.

1. Working with Amazing Colleagues

"I'm grateful that on this planet there are so many geeky, smart, and cool people like the ones I have on my team. It's such a blast to be working with colleagues who speak 10 languages, and it's just normal for them. I speak six, and compared to some of my colleagues, that's nothing. So I'm grateful for smart people. As they say, 'When you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.'" – Ott Ojamets, cofounder / team lead for (@speaklyapp)

"As a small business, we don't have a huge team, and the South Florida market makes it hard to find qualified technical professionals. In 2017, I can give thanks for having one of the best development and technical support teams in the 20 years I've had this company – a team that is dedicated to making our business a success all year long." – Gonzalo Gil, owner and CEO of (@3dcart)

"I am most thankful for the A+ players that have joined our team this year. From marketing and sales to engineers and operations, we have grown our team and attracted top talent that continues to further separate us from our competitors." – Taylor Toce, resident & CEO of (@velomethod)

2. Breaking Records

"This year we doubled our revenue and broke the $1 million mark for the first time! This would not have been possible if it weren't for adding eight new awesome clients and adding six new team members who are smart, fun, engaging, 'get' our culture and deliver awesome IT to our clients each day. Until this year, I haven't know what it's like to work with smart people who care and who strive to be better each day." – Leia Shilobod (@LeiaShilobod), IT princess of power and CEO of

3. Improving Customer Experience

"In 2017, we made significant investments in our CRM system, including a task management add-on and a variety of customer-facing reports. We can now provide on-demand reports that show our customers exactly what they have been getting for their monthly IT support spend. This has made us more efficient internally and helped preserve a high retention rate of recurring revenue customers. Plus we're getting more referrals!" – David Little, cofounder and vice president of (@FortisTelecom)

4. Cybersecurity

"Thanksgiving for us is about giving thanks for all the technologies that help us make our clients' lives better. Cybersecurity is paramount in our business, so we are thankful for Mimecast Software, which stops phishing attempts before it even hits the front door of our clients' mail servers. I am also thankful for ESET Endpoint Security Software, which keeps the wandering clicks of our end users from going in the wrong direction. Finally, I am thankful for the time our clients have taken out of their busy days this year to take part in our ongoing security awareness training." – Ryan Barrett, CEO of (@ORAMBoston)

5. Technology

"This year I’m very thankful for the technologies that have allowed us to grow a remarkable international team. Paying our team across different currencies is significantly cheaper thanks to tools like TransferWise. The cloud lets us share files and collaborate in real-time, in our case through G Suite. We regularly video call each other through Skype and we can use for screen sharing. The tool we are most thankful for is Slack. This tool is transformational and allows us to collaborate, chat, audio call, and manage our team seamlessly." – Kyle White, CEO and cofounder of (@veryconnect)

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