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General liability insurance
General liability insurance exclusions

General liability insurance is your company’s first line of defense against many business risks, but it has its limits. Learn these common general liability exclusions to make sure you don’t get caught without coverage.

Errors & omissions insurance
Common IT errors and omissions that cause lawsuits

IT businesses accused of making professional mistakes or failing to complete work can be sued in an errors and omissions lawsuit. Disclaimers and insurance coverage can help reduce your risks.

Errors & omissions insurance
What does errors and omissions insurance cover?

Errors and omissions insurance covers the cost of legal expenses when a client sues over the quality of a tech professional's work. It can help pay attorney’s fees, judgments, settlements, and other costs.

Umbrella liability insurance
What does umbrella liability insurance cover?

If any incident covered by your general liability, employer's liability (part of workers’ compensation), or commercial auto insurance exceeds your policy limit, commercial umbrella insurance covers the extra costs.

General liability insurance
What does general liability insurance cover?
General liability insurance covers the most common accidents at tech companies. Most often, that's a lawsuit filed by someone outside your business over financial losses or property damage.
App development
Business Insurance for App Developers
Compare business insurance quotes tailored for app developers. TechInsurance protects you against data breaches, cyberattacks, lawsuits, property damage, and more.
Insurance terms
Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides coverage when a client sues you over errors, oversights, or alleges negligence in your work even if you did nothing wrong.

Software development
Common reasons you could face a software development lawsuit

Antitrust lawsuits may be exclusive to big tech, but there’s no shortage of lawsuits for small companies as well. Learn the reasons behind most software developer lawsuits – plus ways to soften their impact and even avoid them.

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