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Computer systems integration specialists can find affordable insurance by comparing quotes from trusted providers.

6 policies every system integration specialist should consider

Clients, landlords, or state laws may require systems integration insurance. These policies can prevent financial loss in the event of an injury, property damage, lawsuit, or data breach.

General liability insurance

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This policy protects you from basic risks faced by computer systems integrators, such as accidental damage to a drop ceiling during cable installation. Landlords and clients may require this coverage.

  • Accidental client injuries
  • Accidental damage to client property
  • Libel, defamation, and copyright lawsuits

Technology errors and omissions insurance

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Technology E&O insurance protects systems integration specialists against lawsuits related to their work, such as scope creep that leads to a client conflict. It's sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance.

  • Errors that cause data loss
  • Project delays
  • Breach of contract

Cyber liability insurance

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This policy helps technology and network integration companies recover from data breaches. It can also help pay legal costs if a client sues because you failed to prevent a data breach at their business.

  • Fraud monitoring services
  • Customer notification costs
  • Lawsuits from clients affected by a breach

Business owner's policy

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Systems integrators can save money on business insurance by purchasing a BOP. This policy bundles general liability coverage and commercial property insurance.

  • Client injuries at your office
  • Accidental damage to client property
  • Stolen or damaged business property

Workers' comp insurance

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If your computer systems integration business has employees, you'll probably need to purchase this policy to comply with state law. It helps pay medical costs from work-related injuries.

  • Medical bills from employee work injuries
  • Disability benefits
  • Lawsuits over work injuries

Fidelity bonds

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A fidelity bond compensates your client if an employee at your systems integration business steals from them. It’s also called an employee dishonesty bond.

  • Illegal funds transfer by your employee
  • Employee theft of client property
  • Other employee theft or fraud

Technology business insurance costs

An IT professional calculates insurance costs using a smartphone and clipboard.

Average costs come directly from policies purchased by TechInsurance customers.

General liability: $30 per month
Errors and omissions: $67 per month
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Why systems integration specialists choose TechInsurance

Protect against common risks

A lawsuit or data breach can devastate your systems integration business. Prevent financial losses with policies tailored for your needs.

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Protect against common risks
A lawsuit or data breach can devastate your systems integration business. Prevent financial losses with policies tailored for your needs.
Gain client confidence
Insurance shows clients your business is reliable, and some contracts even require it. View and print your certificate of insurance anytime with TechInsurance.
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