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Business Insurance for Software Developers

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Why do software developers and programmers need insurance?

Even the most skilled software developers aren't immune to risk. Insurance can help pay for client lawsuits, cyberattacks and data breaches, medical expenses from accidents, and other bills that could sink your business.
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TechInsurance helps software developers and programmers compare quotes from top U.S. providers with one easy online application.

6 policies every software developer should consider

Clients, landlords, or state laws may require software developers to get insured. Business insurance could prevent financial losses in the event of an injury, property damage, lawsuit, or data breach.

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Insurance costs for tech professionals

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Median costs come directly from policies purchased by TechInsurance customers.

General liability: $28 per month
Errors and omissions: $61 per month
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Why software developers choose TechInsurance

Protect against common risks

A lawsuit or data breach can devastate a small software development company. Prevent financial losses with policies tailored for your needs.

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