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Commercial Insurance for Business Intelligence

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Why do business intelligence professionals need commercial insurance?

If your methods don’t improve a client's efficiency and productivity, you could be sued. Business intelligence insurance can help pay for client lawsuits, medical costs from an injury, property damage, and other common risks.

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6 policies every business intelligence professional should consider

Clients, landlords, or state laws may require business intelligence or data mining insurance. These policies can prevent financial loss in the event of an injury, property damage, lawsuit, or data breach.

Errors and omissions insurance

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E&O insurance can help pay for lawsuits over business intelligence mistakes or oversights. This policy is also sometimes called professional liability insurance.

  • Inaccurate business projections
  • Mistakes or oversights in business reports
  • Failure to meet client expectations

Cyber liability insurance

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This policy can pay for recovery costs after a data breach or cyberattack at your business intelligence firm. It also covers lawsuits from clients affected by a breach.

  • Fraud detection and monitoring
  • Client notification after a breach
  • Lawsuits from affected clients

Fidelity bonds

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If a client accuses one of your employees of theft or fraud, this policy compensates them for their loss. It’s also called an employee dishonesty bond.

  • Unlawful client data access by your employee
  • Illegal money transfer by your employee
  • Other employee theft or fraud

Business owner’s policy

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A BOP bundles general liability and commercial property insurance at a discount. It covers common business risks and property damage at small companies.

  • Accidental client injuries at your office
  • Accidental damage to client property
  • Lost or damaged business property

General liability insurance

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This policy can help pay for lawsuits that many business intelligence professionals face at some point. It's often required by client contracts and commercial leases.

  • Accidental client injuries at your office
  • Accidental damage to client property
  • Libel, defamation, and copyright lawsuits

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance icon

State law usually requires that business intelligence companies with employees carry this policy. It helps pay the medical bills and wages of injured employees.

  • Medical bills from employee injuries or illnesses
  • Partial wages while employees recover
  • Lawsuits over work injuries

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Insurance costs for tech professionals

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Median costs come directly from policies purchased by TechInsurance customers.

General liability: $28 per month
Errors and omissions: $61 per month
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Protect against common risks

A lawsuit or data breach can devastate your business intelligence company. Prevent financial losses with policies tailored for your needs.

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