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Small Business Insurance for Network Architects

As a network architect, you design and build data communication networks for clients. You make sure computers are "talking" to each other, and you follow best practices for Internet security. You're also the one calling the shots when it comes to the hardware, modems, and routers a business should purchase.

Network architect jobs come with a lot of responsibility. If something goes wrong, you could be on the hook financially. That's when network architect insurance can help.

The High Stakes World of Freelance Network Architects

Whenever you book a network architect contract job, you open yourself up to risk. Let's take a look at some scenarios you might face and how liability insurance can help protect the work you do.

  • Work mistakes. A client says their computers stopped communicating. Their business grinds to a halt for the three days it takes you to troubleshoot the problem and get them back online. They sue you for not properly installing the network the first time and for $500,000 in lost revenue. Your Errors & Omissions Insurance can help pay for your legal costs.
  • Hacker attack. A few months after you complete a network analysis and installation at a client's office, a hack exposes their data. A cyber attack is always a fear if you're a freelance network architect. But Errors & Omissions Insurance often includes Cyber Liability Insurance, which can pay for data breach lawsuits and breach cleanup costs.
  • Office fire. A fire in your office building leaves your furniture and electronic equipment scorched. If you have a Business Owner's Policy, its Commercial Property Insurance can help repair and replace your office's damaged contents.
  • Damaged servers. You carry an armload of servers back to a client's server room. You don't notice the step up to the room until it's too late. You trip, sending the servers flying. General Liability Insurance can help pay to replace your client's damaged equipment.
  • Employee theft. You book a network architect job at a large bank. The bank asks you to purchase a Fidelity Bond in case one of your employees steals from them. If that happens, the bond can reimburse the bank for its losses.
  • Injured worker. Your business is doing so well that you hired some employees to keep up with demand. When an employee falls in the client's server room, your Workers' Compensation Insurance can help pay for their medical bills.
  • Employee discrimination. You fire an employee because she's not keeping up with her workload. She hits back with a lawsuit, claiming you fired her because of her gender. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help cover the legal expenses as you defend your business in court.

Free Business Resources for Network Architects

Insurance can step in when you get into a professional jam. But it's always better to prevent problems when you can. Our risk management resources can help.

To get started, check out our risk management checklist, sample contracts, and a guide on how small businesses can protect their data – something you may want to share with your customers. For more business development and growth tips, check out our resources hub.

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