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Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising Insurance

Internet marketers take advantage of customer data and cross-platform tools to build and deliver customized marketing. At TechInsurance, we work the same way.

We build customized insurance packages to fit the size of your business and its marketing and general business liabilities. Our insurance policies protect you from the cost of lawsuits alleging personal injuries, property damage, slander and libel, copyright infringement, and a host of other business liabilities.

How Internet Marketing Business Insurance Can Save the Day

You work tirelessly to promote your clients' businesses, but it's not always smooth sailing in the online world. While most of your clients may sing your praises, it only takes one angry client to land your business in the courtroom if they claim you didn't deliver as promised. 

Let's take a look at some the risks you face, as well as the digital advertising and Internet marketing business insurance policies that might benefit your company:

  • Copyright infringement. Let's say you have an intern working on the latest promotion for one of your clients. They come up with some brilliant copy and the campaign looks great. Unfortunately, one reason the writing was so stellar is because your intern lifted it directly from a major competitor. The competitor sues your client and your business over copyright infringement. If you have General Liability Insurance, it can help pay for the legal expenses. 
  • Missed deadlines. One of your best clients is getting ready to launch a major product, and your team is hard at work crafting the perfect campaign. Unfortunately, two weeks before the deadline, your graphic designer and lead developer take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, get married by an Elvis impersonator, and never come back. Now your client is suing you for missing that big deadline. This is where an Errors & Omissions Insurance policy can help.
  • Hacker attack. Because you create and execute marketing campaigns for customers, you have all of their email lists stored on your system. Hackers hit your business, steal the lists, and overwhelm recipients with spambots. Cyber Liability Insurance can help pay for cleanup costs, including expenses to rehab your reputation.
  • Fire damage at your office. There is a shop on the first floor of your building that makes donuts to die for. Unfortunately, one day there is a grease fire in the fryolator, and the damage spreads to your office. While nothing catches fire, the resulting smoke, soot, and water completely destroy your equipment and office furniture. If you have a Business Owner's Policy, it can help replace your damaged stuff.
  • Employee injuries. Office workers are fairly sedentary by the nature of their jobs, but that doesn't mean they can't get hurt. It could be as simple as an employee developing carpal tunnel syndrome after years of mousing and clicking while designing killer email campaigns. Workers' Compensation Insurance can help cover the treatment costs. The policy usually includes Employer's Liability Insurance to help pay lawsuits over employees injuries, too.
  • Client theft. You recently booked a job to create the ad campaign for a new credit union opening in your community, and the client asked you to purchase a Fidelity Bond. This is a normal request for financial institutions. The industry typically has high theft- and fraud-prevention standards.
  • Employee disputes. Let's say you fired an employee who was always late and spent too much time on their social media accounts. A few weeks later, you find out they're suing you over wrongful termination. Keep calm and turn to your Employment Practices Liability Insurance, which can help pay for legal expenses.

Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising Business Resources

We get it – you're busy running a successful digital marketing company. That's why we offer lots of resources that make it easy for you to quickly find the information you need.

Not sure what all the business insurance jargon means? Our glossary can break it down for you. Wondering if you need to hire an employee or a freelancer? We have an article to help you figure out the best hire for your business.

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