Business Insurance for Data Architects
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Small Business Insurance for Data Architects

Data architects are charged with analyzing a company's data sources. That often means…

  • Devising data-gathering strategies.
  • Researching new potential data sources.
  • Creating database structure models.
  • Monitoring systems for functionality and tweaking as necessary.
  • Creating and updating database standards.

As more businesses rely on data to make key decisions, the demand for data architects is growing fast. Instead of signing on with one employer, many data experts are opting to take on data architect contract jobs instead.

If you prefer to be a freelance data architect, data architect insurance can help address some common risks you face.

Business Insurance for Freelance Data Architects

If you work primarily as a 1099 data architect, there are several insurance policies you may want to consider. Data architect insurance can help cover your costs if the following events happen:

  • Damage to client property. You trip while visiting a client's office and collide with their new OLED TV, knocking it off the wall and breaking it. Your General Liability Insurance can help pay to replace their busted television.
  • Error in a client's database. You've been working on a model for a client's new database and realize you made a huge mistake. You tell your client about the problem and reassure them you will fix it. They sue you for failing to complete the project correctly the first time. An Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O) policy can pay for your legal costs, including attorney fees and money you owe the client.
  • Data breach. Your client's data is breached. Even though you didn't do anything to cause the breach, you were working with the data when it occurred. Your client sues. Cyber Liability Insurance, usually included in E&O Insurance, may help cover your lawsuit costs.
  • Office fire. A minor fire broke out in your office building. It was enough to trigger the office sprinklers, so the electronics in your office are destroyed. The Commercial Property Insurance portion of your Business Owner's Policy can help pay to replace your damaged property.
  • Employee theft. If you land a client in the financial industry, they may ask you to purchase a Fidelity Bond. That way if one of your employees ends up stealing from your client, they can get reimbursed for their loss.
  • Work injury. One of your employees gets carpal tunnel from long days of typing. He needs surgery to repair the damage. Most states require businesses to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance, so your policy can help cover the medical expenses associated with the employee's work injuries.
  • Employment disputes. You hire a junior data architect to help with some projects. After a while, you realize she embellished her resume quite a bit. You fire her, but she claims it's wrongful termination. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help cover your legal fees.

Risk Management Resources for Data Architects

Data architect insurance policies can help cover common lawsuits, but it's nice to avoid legal problems when you can. We offer several resources that can help you manage work risk and keep your business running smoothly.

For everyday risk management tips, read our blog. You can also check out our sample contracts that may help prevent problems before they arise. Lastly, stop by our resources page for business development and growth tips.

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