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3 Hidden Gems in Your General Liability Insurance Policy

3 Hidden Gems in Your General Liability Insurance Policy

Your General Liability Insurance probably offers coverage you didn't even realize you had. Make the most of your insurance by learning about these three hidden gems.

Thursday, January 22, 2015/Categories: general-liability-insurance

A General Liability Insurance policy is the Swiss army knife of insurance. It's full of different coverages that can be useful in many situations.

Remember the first time you looked at a pocketknife? There were probably tools you had no idea how to use. General Liability Insurance can be like that for a first-time business owner. There is coverage in the policy that could help your business, but most people have never heard of it.

Let's change that.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for IT Consultants?

General Liability is often referred to by its nickname: "slip-and-fall insurance." While this policy does cover third-party slip-and-fall accidents and injury lawsuits, there's more to it than just that.

General Liability Insurance also offers financial protection for...

  1. Advertising injuries. This is a liability that many IT consultants forget they have. You could be sued for damaging another business's reputation, using media, images, and videos that resemble someone else's copyright, or committing libel or slander. Something as simple as a tweet can lead to a reputational injury claim. If you speak poorly of other contractors or recommend your clients don't hire someone, you could face a reputational injury lawsuit. Luckily, GL Insurance covers these disputes.
  2. Immediate medical costs. Insurers would like to prevent lawsuits. That's why many policies also cover the cost of injuries that occur on your property or ones you may have caused. Say you're working at a client's office when one of their employees trips over your laptop bag and hits her head on the corner of the desk. The employee is concussed, needs an MRI, and spends the night at the hospital. Many General Liability Insurance policies cover ambulance costs, ER visits, and other immediate medical expenses for someone you've accidentally injured. By doing this, insurers hope they can prevent a full-fledged lawsuit from being filed against your business. If someone is injured at your property or you may have caused an injury, make sure to contact your insurance agent.
  3. Third-party property damage . Whether you're a computer repair tech or a system admin, you could be liable for damaging a client's property. Say your client has a small server closet that they "cool" by leaving the door open. If you accidentally close the door, you could be sued for damaging their racks. This insurance can cover all kinds of silly mistakes – from spilling your triple espresso latte on a client's computer to tripping over a power cord.

IT Consultants: Get Liability Insurance Online

If General Liability Insurance is the Swiss army knife of business insurance, it makes sense that so many IT contractors and tech companies prioritize purchasing this policy. It's a smart first investment.

If you need General Liability, Professional Liability, or other IT insurance, use TechInsurance's online liability insurance application.


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