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Since launching TechInsurance in 1997, we've received thousands of questions about insurance from the owners of technology startups and small tech businesses. As technology our customers use has evolved over the years, so have their questions, but many of the issues are just as relevant today as they were way back then.

How Much Business Liability Insurance Do I Need?

Business liability insurance needs are different for every IT business owner because every business has different risks. Your tech firm’s business liability insurance needs depend on:

  • The type of work your IT business does.
  • How many employees you have.
  • Where your business is located.

However, most IT business owners typically purchase General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance when they're first starting out. Together, these two policies create a strong commercial liability insurance foundation for most tech startups.

The Dynamic Duo: General Liability and Professional Liability

General Liability Insurance can cover the cost of lawsuits related to third-party injuries or property damage (e.g., a client trips walking up the stairs to your office and drops their laptop), as well as advertising injuries like libel and slander.

Professional Liability Insurance can pay for legal expenses over professional errors. Also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, it comes into play if a client sues you over:

  • Incomplete work.
  • Missed deadlines.
  • Errors in the final product.
  • Copyright infringement.

Small-business owners, including IT firms, are often victims of frivolous lawsuits. Even in a best-case scenario when a judge agrees with you and tosses the case, it could still cost you $2,000 to $5,000 in legal fees, according to the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

The good news? General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance can help you pick up that tab.

How the Chain of Liability Leads to Mounting Legal Bills

When something goes awry in the business world, any company that was even remotely involved could get named in the suit. It’s basically one big chain of liability.

Attorney Adam Kaufman (@ABKattorneys), owner of , says one of his clients, an online advertising publisher, was recently caught up in a chain of liability class-action lawsuit as a result of unwanted advertising texts and emails. Kaufman says his client didn’t actually send the messages, but the lawsuit named every business that was connected to the messages. Kaufman says violations for advertisers contacting people without permission typically run about $1,000 per incident, which means this lawsuit could potentially seek millions of dollars in damages.

“How do companies like my client protect themselves?” asks Kaufman. “They buy Professional Liability Insurance, which will protect them in the event that they make a mistake or something slips through the cracks.”

Thanks to his client’s coverage, Kaufman says the insurance company is covering the legal expenses associated with the lawsuit and paying for an attorney to handle the case.

“Expenses mount very quickly,” says Kaufman. “This lawsuit is still in the discovery stage, and it’s already cost about $50,000.”

How Much Does Business Liability Insurance Cost?

Business liability insurance prices vary based on the size of your business, but General Liability Insurance typically costs…

  • $500 to $900 per year if you’re an independent contractor or only have a handful of employees.
  • $3,500 per year if you have a larger IT business with 20 to 50 employees.

You can read more detailed General Liability cost estimates in our article “What Is the Cost of General Liability Insurance for a Small Business?

Per year, Professional Liability typically costs…

  • $1,000 to $1,500 per year for most independent contractors or freelancers.
  • $2,500 to $4,500 per year for a small IT consulting business.
  • $14,000 once you hit revenues of around eight figures annually.

You can find more sample quotes in our article “What Is the Cost of Errors and Omissions Insurance for a Small Business?

70% of businesses raise prices or cut hiring when sued