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For Technology, Safe Is the New Sexy

For Technology, Safe Is the New Sexy

A new mobile app offers secure business messaging. Even with the flood of new security-minded software, find out why IT consultants must stay on top of their game.

Thursday, March 5, 2015/Categories: consulting

PC World reports on the new app Confide that aims to offer a Snapchat-like messaging service for businesses. Unlike Snapchat, Confide was built with security in mind and offers end-to-end encryption and a mechanism to prevent screenshots from being taken of sensitive data.

Coming in the wake of the Sony Pictures hack, the app is part of a growing trend toward more secure commercial apps. While other data breaches have demonstrated the importance of protecting customer data, the hack on Sony Pictures showed how devastating it could be to have your company's emails on public display.

Boardrooms around the country got a wakeup call and may be looking to adopt more security-focused technology for their intra-business communications, which could mean more opportunity for IT contractors. Let's look at what you can do to capture these potential new markets.

How to Sell Your IT Services to Take Advantage of New Interest in Data Security

Sales guru Kevin Hallenbeck recommends that if you want in increase your IT sales, you should ask clients lots of questions and get them talking about their data security. IT consultants are used to walking into a room and offering an immediate solution, but sometimes it pays off to listen.

When listening to your clients, try to figure out…

  1. Their "pain points" or the aspects of their IT they are worried about (functionality, latency, compatibility, etc.).
  2. Whether the person on the phone is the one who will make the final call about your services.
  3. Who at their company is pushing for increased cyber security.

By listening for these things, you'll get a better idea of how you should market your services.

It's worth pointing out that as clients become more interested in security, they'll want more information about your IT solutions. They might want to know how the software you install measures up against other products in terms of security.

Even basic IT like email is coming under more scrutiny from board-level executives who want to avoid embarrassing data breaches and security incidents. Be prepared to answer these questions, and make sure you're familiar with new security-focused IT and apps.

On Guiding Clients Away from Outdated Security Measures

We reported in "61% of Companies Increased Cyber Security Spending Last Year. What's Your Cut?" that businesses spent more on security in 2014, but they haven't always been spending in the best ways.

When many clients increase their data security budgets, the first thing they'll ask you about is antivirus software, which, as you know, doesn't really move the needle on data security. Real security improvements involve adopting better commercial-grade IT and training employees. Be prepared to work with clients who have a slightly outdated understanding of security.

Data Security: So Hot Right Now (and for the Foreseeable Future)

The good news is that while 61 percent of companies increased their cyber security budgets in 2014, more growth is expected in 2015. Business researcher Forrester predicts that data security will see double-digit growth in some sectors. Though clients aren't always spending their data security budgets in the best way, it looks like they're committed to data security.

In summary, there are three things you'll need to do to capitalize on the growing market for data security contracting:

  • Stay on top of new security developments, apps, and strategies.
  • Listen to clients' concerns before pitching your services.
  • Be ready to correct misunderstandings about security.

Lastly, make sure to follow TechInsurance's blog for more IT business development and sales tips.

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