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Beach Bums
Best Places for Beach Bums
Silicon Beach, CA
Silicon Beach, CA
Best Places for Beach Bums
Virginia Beach, VA
Best Places for Beach Bums
Silicon Beach, CA
Best Places for Beach Bums

This "city" is trickier to define than the others on our list, partly because it's not really a city at all, but rather a loose collection of neighborhoods in LA's Westside region that includes Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Playa Vista, and El Segundo.

What unites these primarily beachfront neighborhoods is the skyrocketing number of tech startups being launched. According to a report [PDF] by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, Los Angeles is now the third-largest tech ecosystem in the country, behind only Silicon Valley and New York. It also shows that the City of Angels has more people employed in high-tech than any other US metro region. In fact, 368,500 people work in tech – about nine percent of the population. That's a lot of techies!

While the exact demographics of Silicon Beach aren't clear cut, the success of giants like Snapchat, as well as hundreds of smaller startups, is obvious to anyone living and working in the area. The rest of the country is noticing too, including Inc., which recently published "5 Reasons You Should Start Up in Los Angeles Right Now," and TechCrunch: "There’s Something Going on in L.A."

Arturo Perez is the CEO of Kluge Interactive, a small Silicon Beach firm located in Marina Del Rey that does branding, design, and development.

"The idea of Kluge was, 'How do we create physical execution around strategic thinking?' and over time we became a design-centric agency," says Perez. "We are a small team of nine working on pretty large projects, like for the City of Los Angeles, as well as for local technology startups."

Perez initially moved to the area to attend Marymount California University, but decided to stick around because the community holds a lot of appeal for him.

"I love surfing, and there's a group called Silicon Beach Surfers," says Perez. "It's all about surfing and tech and it fit my lifestyle. It's just more laid back than Silicon Valley."

Perez says another part of the appeal is the openness of the local tech community.

"I think it's very friendly and very collaborative, and there's an enthusiasm," says Perez. "The downside is we are all over the map. 'Silicon Beach' – it includes Culver City, Downtown, and Hollywood."

If you're interested in making the move, be sure to check out Silicon Beach LA for more details on upcoming events, available jobs, and more.