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6 insurance policies every landscape designer should consider

These insurance policies protect against the most common risks for landscape design businesses.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance covers landscape designers against legal fees from third-party property damage and injuries, such as a client tripping over a misplaced plant. It's often required for a commercial lease.

  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Accidental damage to a client's property
  • Libel and other advertising injuries

Business owner's policy

Business owner’s policy icon

Small business owners and contractors are usually eligible for a business owner's policy, or BOP. It bundles a general liability policy and commercial property insurance at a discount.

  • Client bodily injuries
  • Damaged customer property
  • Stolen or damaged business property

Workers' comp insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance icon

Most states require businesses with employees to carry workers' compensation insurance. Personal health insurance won’t cover work-related injuries, which makes this policy crucial for sole proprietors too.

  • Work-related medical bills
  • Disability benefits
  • Lawsuits from workplace accidents

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance icon

Vehicles owned by a landscape design business must have this coverage to comply with state laws. It helps pay for financial losses in an accident, including medical expenses and property repairs.

  • Injuries caused by your company vehicle
  • Property damage caused by your vehicle
  • Vehicle theft or vandalism

Contractor's tools and equipment

Contractor’s tools and equipment coverage icon

A type of inland marine insurance, this business equipment coverage protects your tools and equipment wherever you bring them. That includes items in transit, stored off-site, or used at a job site.

  • Newer tools and equipment
  • Items valued at under $10,000
  • Tools that travel to clients' yards

Cyber insurance

Cyber liability insurance icon

This policy helps landscape design companies survive data breaches and cyberattacks. It pays for customer notification costs when credit card numbers or other personal information is exposed.

  • Data breach investigations
  • Customer notification costs
  • Fraud monitoring services

Landscape design insurance cost

The owner of a landscaping business calculating insurance costs.

From our customer data, here's a quick look at average landscape contractor insurance costs:

General liability: $51 per month
Business owner's policy: $80 per month
Workers' compensation: $184 per month

Factors that can influence landscape designer business owners' premiums include:

  • Your landscape design services offered
  • Number of employees
  • Value of your landscaping tools and equipment
  • Types of insurance purchased
  • Coverage limits, deductibles, and additional insureds
  • Claims history
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Get insurance fast so you can get started working with clients. Fill out our easy online application, choose a policy, and pay online to start coverage today.
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Common questions about insurance for landscape design businesses

Review answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about landscape designer small business insurance.

What other types of landscape design insurance coverage do I need?

When building a comprehensive risk management plan for a landscape design company, small businesses, LLCs, and independent contractors may need additional types of insurance, outside of general liability coverage and workers' compensation coverage, to cover all risks and liabilities.

Some additional landscaping insurance products to consider are:

  • Hired and non-owned auto insurance (HNOA): Landscape design businesses who drive their own truck or other vehicle to clients' properties should invest in this insurance, as your personal auto insurance won't cover business use. HNOA provides auto liability coverage for personal, leased, and rented vehicles used by your business.
  • Commercial property insurance: Homeowner's insurance provides little to no protection for business property stored in your home, which is why you may need commercial property insurance. It protects against financial losses from fires, storms, and burglaries.
  • Inland marine insurance: Because commercial property insurance only covers items at your main business location, you'll likely need additional coverage for lawn care business tools and equipment that travel to job sites. Contractor's tools and equipment insurance is one example of this coverage, which can protect your landscaping business's hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, and other equipment.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: An umbrella policy boosts the protection of your general liability, commercial auto, and employer's liability insurance, activating when the limit is reached on your landscaping company's underlying policy.
  • Business interruption insurance: Also called business income insurance, this policy covers lost revenue and other expenses should a covered event, like a fire or natural disaster, temporarily close your business. It can usually be added to your commercial property policy.

What is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect?

While landscape designers and landscape architects provide similar services, they aren't exactly the same and have several key differences.

Landscape designers typically design small residential projects to include gardens, patios, and outdoor living spaces. A designer usually has an undergraduate degree, or is self-taught through on-the-job training.

Landscape architects attend a university accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and focus more on commercial and industrial architectural projects such as public parks, waterfront development projects, and commercial centers. An architect usually obtains and maintains a state architect license, which requires passing a state exam.

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