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Expiration date

An expiration date is the day your insurance policy lapses. Your insurance coverage will typically end at midnight on your policy's expiration date.

What is an expiration date?

An expiration date is the day your business insurance policy lapses, not the last day you have insurance coverage. To prevent gaps in coverage, you should renew your insurance policy before (not on) the expiration date.

Where is your expiration date listed?

The expiration date of your insurance policy is usually included on the declarations page, as well as on your insurance renewal notices. Commercial auto insurance and similar policies list the expiration date on your insurance card.

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Can your policy lapse before the expiration date?

If you miss an insurance premium payment, your policy could lapse before the expiration date. Many insurers give you a grace period of one month to make late payments before suspending coverage. Other insurers immediately suspend coverage when a client misses a payment.

Can you report claims after your policy expires?

If your insurance policy has tail coverage or an extended reporting period, you can report claims even after your policy expires. Tail coverage is available for claims-made policies only like errors and omissions insurance.

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