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Small Business Insurance for IT Professionals in Vermont

Cost-Saving Tips

  • In Vermont, as in many New England states, being in the IT business means traveling across state lines. If you have workers in other states, remember to report payroll in those states to your workers' compensation carrier. Otherwise, your employees might not be covered.
  • To get the best insurance rate and save time, let us comparison-shop policies for you. Simply complete one online application at, and we'll get back to you with multiple quotes on all the different kinds of insurance you need – fast. Pick your policies, and we'll start your coverage immediately.
  • Want to save money on your workers' comp premiums? Focus on safety. A formal safety policy can help reduce accidents and help to keep your premiums down.

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Known for its natural beauty, Vermont is a spectacular place to live and work. Protect your Vermont-based IT business with business insurance designed to grow with your business. From professional liability to general liability, property and workers' compensation insurance, the IT insurance experts at TechInsurance have your Vermont business covered.

Weathering the Winter in Vermont

Vermonters know how to get through a long, cold, snowy winter. But when a big nor'easter comes this way, all Vermont businesses are susceptible to power outages and property damage, and it's not unheard of for damage to be so severe that a business is forced to shut down temporarily. Smart IT business owners in this state prepare for the worst with both property insurance and business interruption coverage, which is designed to help you pay the bills while your business is closed for a time due to an insured property loss. Be sure to ask your TechInsurance agent for details before the next big storm blows in.

Get fast, affordable coverage that's just the right fit for your IT business. Complete one online application and get your free, no-obligation quote fast. Choose the coverage you need, and we'll start your policy immediately.

If you're looking for any of the following types of insurance, we've got you covered:

Business Liability Insurance Package Policy.

You may have heard this type of coverage called a "BOP," or Business Owner's Policy. This policy packages general liability insurance with property coverage at one affordable rate, giving you protection if a client should be accidentally injured at your location or if one of your employees causes property damage or bodily injury at a client's site.

Professional Liability Insurance.

Commonly called "errors and omissions" or "E&O" insurance, this type of coverage protects you if your client should claim that mistakes, negligence or omissions you make on the job caused the client a financial loss. For professional services companies such as IT businesses, this is one type of insurance you shouldn't work without.

Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Many states require companies with employees to carry workers' comp insurance, which pays for medical care and disability coverage for your employees if they should suffer a work-related illness or injury.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

If you have employees, you need EPLI. This type of insurance protects you in the event that one of your employees claims an employment practice violation, such as sexual harassment; wrongful termination; or gender, race or age discrimination.



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