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Small Business Insurance for IT Professionals in New York

There's more to New York State than New York City. And there's more to the city than Manhattan. Take Queens, for example: as a part of the country's biggest city, it offers access to all the culture, nightlife, food, and excitement you could want. But as an "outer borough," its cost of living is much more reasonable. That's why it made our report Best Places to Live for Tech Entrepreneurs. Whether you love late nights, a supportive community, or not-too-insane reents, Queens has got it going on.

Cost-Saving Tips for IT Businesses in New York

  • Tip #1. Save money by signing up for a Business Owner's Policy. BOPs tend to be cost-effective because they combine General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance into a single policy.

    What's more, you can include Business Interruption Insurance, which provides funds for lost income, relocation, and additional expenses associated with relocating your business in the event you're forced to close by covered property damage. Carrying this policy can mean the difference between keeping or losing your business if it's destroyed by wind, fire, or theft.
  • Tip #2. Since you're required by law to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance, see what your deductible options are. When you have a higher deductible on a policy, your monthly payment decreases. Most policies can be carried with deductibles in increments of $5,000 up to as much as $25,000.

    Remember, though: once you get to a place where you're financially secure enough to take on a higher monthly premium, contact your TechInsurance agent to see about lowering your deductible. The last thing you want is to take on a Workers' Compensation claim that requires you to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to activate – with a $25,000 deductible, you may end up having to pay all of an employee's medical bills before being eligible for any benefits. You can also check with your TechInsurance agent about tapping into Workers' Compensation pools or opting to exclude yourself from coverage in order to cut costs on this mandated policy.
  • Tip #3. When trying to win a contract with a client, make sure your firm meets the minimum requirements for the insurance they want you to carry. This may include Cyber Liability Insurance, which helps protect both parties from security breaches and the costs associated with breaches of personal information stored in a client's database. To find out more about which policies are generally required by clients, contact a TechInsurance agent today.

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Being an IT business professional in New York means having access to one of the most substantial economies in the world. As a firm specializing in network administration, database administration, or technology consulting, you have your pick of potential clients. Some of the largest and most lucrative companies operate out of the international hub that is New York City. But having the world at your fingertips sometimes isn't enough for peace of mind when it comes to potential risks. Even knowing that the tech sector of New York is gaining steam by the day isn't enough to help you sleep soundly unless you're confident that your livelihood is safe and secure.

IT Business Insurance Options for New York-Based Firms

Don't worry – if you're looking for a way to protect the business you've worked hard to build, you've come to the right place. As experts in IT insurance for businesses like yours, we can set you straight on the most important policies and cost-saving tips your firm needs. Whether you're fearful of natural disasters, lawsuits, or Workman's Comp claims, there's an insurance policy to help keep you up and running.

In most cases, you'll have competitive quotes from A-rated insurance providers in your inbox within 24 hours of filling out a TechInsurance application.

Errors & Omissions Insurance for IT Businesses in New York

When times are good, there's a lot of business to be had. With multiple contracts going at once, perhaps a few out of New York City and one or two out of Syracuse, it may be difficult to give your undivided attention to every client your firm serves. And when you're busy, mistakes happen. Errors and Omissions Insurance (also known as Professional Liability Insurance) provides financial protection for lawsuits filed by clients who feel the services they paid for weren't properly delivered.

These "botched" services could include a faulty Wi-Fi connection, a compromised database, or a consultation that resulted in lost profits for your client. When these issues occur, your client will want to make sure they're compensated – that's when lawsuits are filed. With Errors and Omissions Insurance, your firm won't lose money defending the case in court. E&O benefits pay for...

  • Court fees.
  • Legal fees.
  • Docket fees.
  • Judgments.
  • Settlements.

Without the proper insurance in place, you may be forced to shut down for a while to defend your case in court. For more information on Errors and Omissions Insurance, contact a TechInsurance agent today.

Business Owner's Policies for IT Businesses in New York

A policy worth looking into is a Business Owner's Policy (or BOP). This is especially useful to low-risk IT firms interested in carrying General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance – a BOP combines these two crucial policies into a single affordable package. This means you'll be protected financially from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, which, though rare in New York, are still a costly potential hazard for your office space. Common covered events include...

  • Fire.
  • Theft.
  • Wind damage.
  • Lightning damage.
  • Blizzards.

What's more, with a BOP, you're protected from costly third-party lawsuits under the General Liability portion of the policy. Third-party lawsuits are those in which non-employees are either injured by you or an employee or have substantial property damage caused by you or an employee. Like Professional Liability Insurance, a single lawsuit normally protected by General Liability can have you considering bankruptcy if things don't go your way.

Lastly, a BOP can offer Business Interruption Insurance, which provides funds when your IT business is forced to shut down temporarily by a covered property event. This includes the wages of employees you don't want to lose, taxes, and loan payments you're forced to continue making.

Contact a TechInsurance agent for more information on how a Business Owner's Policy can help you save money on monthly premiums.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for IT Businesses in New York

The state of New York requires all for-profit businesses to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance – and for good reason. Both you and your employees benefit greatly from carrying this policy. Workers' Compensation Insurance protects you from having to pay out of pocket for expenses that accrue when an employee is injured on the job. Costs commonly associated with Workers' Comp claims include...

  • Hospital bills associated with the injury.
  • Wages while the employee recovers.
  • Additional wages or overtime pay for employees taking over the injured party's work.

While IT may not be one of the more dangerous industries, it's important to note that when a workplace injury occurs, the results can be costly. For more information on how you can be in compliance with New York Workers' Comp laws, contact a TechInsurance agent today.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for IT Businesses in New York

Any firm with employees would be wise to carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This form of business insurance protects your IT firm from having to pay out of pocket for lawsuits filed by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, or harassment.

Additional potential lawsuits include...

  • Contract breaches.
  • Employee mismanagement.
  • Stress caused to employees.
  • Negligent hiring practices.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Discrimination based on age, sex, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

Lawsuits can be financially disastrous. Don't let your IT firm fall victim to costly liability claims. Get in touch with one of our reps today.



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