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What to Do This Year to Prevent Data Breaches and Identity Theft

  • Hire an IT consultant to perform a security audit on your firm.
  • Review your insurance coverage to see if you need to update your policies to reflect significant changes in your company (growth, new personnel, etc.).
  • Securely dispose of old laptops, devices, and hard drives that have sensitive data.
  • Review your company's data security policies (perhaps with an IT consultant) to see what could be improved, which policies need to be strengthened, and what new technological threats you need to guard against.
  • Review company data collection policies to limit the amount and type of data collected. Try to collect only data that is useful and necessary (extra data just means extra risk).
  • Delete old and obsolete customer data.
  • Ask your IT employees, CISO, or consultants what they think are the biggest security threats to your organization and what resources they need now and in the future.