TechInsurance Warns IT Pros: Holiday Shopping Season Is Data Breach Season

The nation's leading online insurance agent for small IT businesses recommends issuing a cyber security reminder to customers to prevent costly cybercrime.

CHICAGO——With mobile purchases accounting for more than 17 percent of all purchases and 31.7 percent of all shopping traffic this holiday season, according to IBM reports, the opportunities for data breaches and other cyber crimes are more plentiful than ever.

TechInsurance, the nation's leading online insurance agency for IT freelancers, contractors, and small businesses, reminds IT professionals that an increase in mobile purchases opens the door to an increase in cybercrime. To help minimize the likelihood that hackers compromise a client's network and expose IT businesses to third-party liability, TechInsurance recommends that IT professionals issue a security reminder to clients outlining how they can prevent data breaches during the busy holiday season.

"Your clients are tapping into airport Wi-Fi, they're scrambling to make last-minute purchases, they're entering their credit card info on the checkout screen," said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance. "And what they're worried about is making their flight or making sure the gift arrives in time – not about the security of their information or their network."

But clients who engage in last-minute mobile shopping could be exposing their networks to cyber criminals. And if they're shopping on a mobile device that is also used for work, such an exposure could result in a large-scale data breach. As the point person for clients' IT needs, tech professionals could be held partially liable for any losses such a breach causes.

The good news: a friendly holiday reminder to clients can reinforce the importance of following best practices for security and help prevent data breaches. A brief email with security tips shows investment in client security and helps build trust in an IT professional's expertise. Security reminders should include:

  1. Password-protect mobile devices used for work.
  2. Update passwords regularly.
  3. Update apps and software for the latest security patches.
  4. Avoid using unprotected Wi-Fi.
  5. Use antivirus software.

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