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What to Do This Week to Prevent Data Breaches and Identity Theft

  • Update your company policies (or employee handbook) to standardize and outline your network security protocol. No written policies in place? Now’s the time to draft one so it's clear what your best practices are.
  • Review which employees have accesses to personal data (credit card info, addresses, logins, etc.), and limit access to that data as appropriate. The goal is to only grant access to people who need that information to do their jobs. The more people have access to sensitive information, the more chances there are for a data breach.
  • Make it standard policy to check that all your contractors and vendors (IT, HVAC, and others) have Errors and Omissions Insurance.
  • Work with a data security consultant or IT contractor to build an incident response plan, which outlines what you need to do after a data breach.
  • Look at our guide to data breach laws, and review what your state requirements are.
  • Train your employees to use email securely and to identify malicious emails.
  • Install laptop / computer locks around your office to prevent thieves from stealing your devices.
  • Add encryption capabilities to emails, and enforce this standard among your employees.