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Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Track the Latest Phishing Scams

Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Track the Latest Phishing Scams

Tuesday, July 25, 2017/Categories: cyber-risk

Once we get hip to one phishing scam, a new one pops up. As a busy IT consultant, you can't spend all day researching the latest phishing attacks. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep track of the new phishing scams tormenting your clients – Twitter!

We combed through Twitter to find some of the most reputable – and frequent – tweeters who regularly post about phishing scams and other cyber security issues. If you follow these 10 Twitter accounts, you should be among the first to know about the latest cyber threats.

1. @StuAllard

Back in June, we interviewed Stu Sjouwerman for our article "What Is Phishing and How Has It Evolved?" Stu is the founder and CEO of , a company that provides security awareness training and also maintains the website Phishing.org. Stu posts regularly about cyber threats and is helping to lead the charge in the fight against phishing.

2. @AntiPhishClub

The Anti-Phishing Club is a group dedicated to promoting awareness of phishing and social engineering activities. Posting at least once a day, this account provides several helpful resources to help educate followers about the latest phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and more.

3. @PhishMeIntel

PhishMe provides threat management services for organizations. It trains a company's employees to be an active line of defense in the war against phishing, so you can rest assured these folks know their stuff. In addition to sharing the latest company news, @PhishMeIntel also shares plenty of tips on how to spot the latest phishing email scams.

4. @BobsBusinessUK

Bob's Business provides cyber security awareness training and phishing simulations in the UK. However, phishing scams don't respect national borders, so Bob's tweets are still plenty relevant for US-based IT consultants. In addition to sharing the latest news and articles on cyber threats, Bob's Business also posts links to their own blog posts, which are full of helpful tips.

5. @menlosecurity

If you want the latest on online security threats, look no further than cyber security company Menlo Security. It posts multiple times per day about the latest threats and hacks that keep IT professionals up at night.

6. @proofpoint

Proofpoint, a cyber security firm, posts about five to eight times per day on average. While it may not share much up-to-the-minute news on developing phishing attacks, it does post a lot of helpful articles that take a deeper look at cyber threats.

7. @Frauddotnet

Fraud.net provides real-time fraud analytics for online merchants. Its Twitter account shares tips on fraud prevention as well as the latest news on issues like the Anthem data breach lawsuit, WannaCry, Petya, and more.

8. @SocEngineerInc

Social-Engineer drops a lot of knowledge in the form of articles dedicated to its business's core focus: educating and protecting customers against spear phishing, vishing (phishing by phone), impersonation, and more. (Related reading: "Spear Phishing Will Continue to Keep IT Consultants Busy in 2017.")

9. @CyberTense

Based in the Netherlands, CyberTense posts about cyber threats from a global perspective, but there is plenty of good stuff that is relevant for IT consultants in the United States. You will likely find something that grabs your attention and highlights a new threat you weren't aware of yet.


FS-ISAC, also known as the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, posts primarily about critical security threats facing the global financial services sector. Pete Solano, the chief information security officer at , gave this account props when we interviewed him for our article "Why Protecting Your Clients against a Phishing Attack Is Good for Your Bottom Line."

Need more Twitter inspiration? Check out these other roundups of helpful Twitter accounts for busy IT consultants: "9 Twitter Accounts that Will Pump You Up to Sell" and "No Time for Professional Development? Follow These 5 Helpful Accounts."

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