About TechInsurance

TechInsurance is the nation’s leading online agent for IT freelancers, independent contractors, and small businesses. By connecting technology professionals with insurance agents who understand their unique risks and coverage needs, we provide a vital service that our customers can access from anywhere they have an Internet connection. And we move fast: our agents can find and bind coverage from the country’s most trusted providers within 24 hours of receiving an application. For TechInsurance customers, that means getting proof of insurance quickly so they can close more contracts and keep a steady flow of revenue. But don’t take our word for it. Apply for coverage with TechInsurance today to see why more than 100,000 IT professionals have trusted us to protect their businesses.

  • Why TechInsurance?

    You need insurance to comply with client contracts or state laws – or simply to give yourself peace of mind. So why not work with an agent who actually understands the needs of small IT businesses? Why not apply for your policies from the comfort of your home computer? Why not secure policies that protect you against all the risks you face – and don’t make you pay for coverage you don’t need? The real question here is not “why TechInsurance.” It’s why choose anyone else. Read more...

  • Insured Verified Program

    Demonstrate instantly to prospective clients that you’re responsibly insured with some of the nation’s most respected providers. When you secure insurance policies from TechInsurance, you’ll have the opportunity to download an Insured Verified seal for your website (at no cost to you) that lets visitors to your site, partners, and clients see that you’ve got the coverage that keeps you and them safe. Read more...

  • Our History

    Founded 1997, TechInsurance has spent more than a decade perfecting the art of matching IT professionals with the business insurance that lets them manage their risks as they grow. Since then, TechInsurance has served more than 100,000 small IT businesses and independent contractors, and our agents have developed deep relationships with top insurance providers. Today, we’re better than ever at finding insurance policies that fit the unique needs of our customers, and we’re proud to still be the nation’s leading agency for small IT firms. Read more...

  • Leadership

    Meet the team that has steered TechInsurance through the evolution of the Internet and the explosion of tech professions. Read more...

  • Our Partners

    Since its inception, TechInsurance has set itself apart by providing small-business owners access to the nation’s best-respected insurance providers. Read about how our partnerships with ACE, CNA, The Hartford, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Travelers, and Zurich help keep your business out of harm’s way. Read more...

  • Testimonials

    Interested in learning what IT business owners like you think of working with TechInsurance? Check out our client feedback page and see for yourself why TechInsurance remains the industry leader in small business insurance for IT firms.

  • Case Studies

    In theory, business insurance can seem dry. But in real life, finding last-minute policies to help professionals land major contracts is exhilarating. Check out some real-life stories from TechInsurance customers who found the coverage they needed from us in the nick of time – often when nobody else in town had anything to offer.

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    Need more information about insurance for your business? Have questions about your coverage needs? Get in touch with TechInsurance via email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 668-7020.