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Best Places if You’re on a Budget
Nashville, TN
Raleigh, NC
Best Places if You’re on a Budget
Houston, TX
Best Places if You’re on a Budget
Jacksonville, FL
Best Places if You’re on a Budget
Nashville, TN
Best Places if You’re on a Budget
San Antonio, TX
Best Places if You’re on a Budget
Nashville, TN
Best Places if You’re on a Budget

With lower-than-average housing costs and no state income tax, Nashville residents are able to live more comfortably than many residents of similar-sized cities. Music looms large in Nashville, but it's also home to a thriving tech scene. In fact, a DataFox report recently named it one of the top five cities in the United States for tech grads. Among other resources, the report highlighted the Nashville Entrepreneur Center accelerator, as well as the city's mentorship and networking opportunities.

Another resource for tech entrepreneurs in Nashville is the Nashville Technology Council, which is dedicated to making the city a leader in innovation and development. It serves as a major resource for the local tech community while helping prepare the next generation with its We Build Tech Summit, which is aimed at connecting tech educators with local employers.

Work IT Nashville is another online hub for the tech community, and the Nashville Tech Summit brings IT movers and shakers together in one room to talk about the state of tech in the city and analyze key trends.

Bryan Clayton is the co-founder of GreenPal, which he and fellow co-founder Gene Caballero describe as Uber for lawn care. According to Clayton, there are many advantages to starting a tech business in Nashville.

"Some of the advantages to starting a company in Tennessee include no state income tax, an extremely low cost of living, and a vibrant budding entrepreneurial scene," says Clayton.

"The IT / tech community here in Nashville is booming for healthcare companies and growing rapidly for startups," says Caballero. "We have a local incubator that helps bring talent to the area, and everyone is willing to help."

If all that doesn't pique your interest, the food scene is enough to convince almost anyone to pull up stakes and settle down in Music City. Whether you're craving biscuits, ribs, or the city's iconic Goo Goo Clusters, you definitely won't go hungry in Nashville.

"The best thing about living in Nashville, other than the people and the opportunity, is the food," says Caballero. "You have some of the best BBQ in the south here in Nashville."