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Endeavor Telecom Announces Partnership with TechInsurance to Provide High Quality Low Cost Subcontractor Insurance

Endeavor's partnership with TechInsurance will provide its subcontractors easy access to affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage that is required to work with Endeavor.

Atlanta, GA——Endeavor Telecom, The Telecom Truck Roll Company for carriers, service providers, VARs, and equipment manufacturers, today announced it has partnered with TechInsurance as part of its new contractor support initiative in order provide its team of 9,000+ individually managed field engineers with easy access to affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage.

A requirement for all subcontractors who perform field service dispatches for Endeavor is general liability insurance which provides protection should any incidents involving injury, damage, or medical expenses occur during onsite dispatches in the field. In light of the current economy, finding affordable coverage for the required amount from a reliable provider can be a potential obstacle for telecommunications professionals seeking to join the Endeavor team. Endeavor's partnership with TechInsurance not only facilitates reliable and affordable coverage for prospective technicians, but also provides a very convenient method of obtaining a quote, purchasing, and managing the policy through the custom web portal http://www.techinsurance.com/endeavor.

By choosing TechInsurance as their insurance provider, Endeavor subcontractors will reap the benefits of working with a proven leader in the field without breaking the bank. For an individual subcontractor, the required general liability coverage is available from TechInsurance for as low $30/month, though this can vary based on factors such as geographic location and custom coverage options. This cost-effective solution will allow Endeavor contractors to obtain the coverage Endeavor requires, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind to their families.

"An Endeavor employee performing work at a customer site is automatically covered by Endeavor's insurance. A subcontractor must have his or her own policy in addition to the client coverage provided by Endeavor. Through the Contractor Support Initiative we have recently embarked upon, we identified a specific need to help our 9,000+ subcontractors find the coverage that we require at the best possible rates." says Justin McLain, Endeavor's Chief Executive Officer. "I've heard nothing but positive feedback about TechInsurance's service and have had the pleasure to personally speak with Jim Cochran, their CEO, to share with him our goals and the unique nature of our business. I am pleased to offer this partnership and have full confidence they will take good care of our subcontractors."

TechInsurance specializes in providing economical and complete insurance coverage for individuals and companies in IT-related industries. Founded in 1997 in response to increasing struggles for businesses in the IT sector to find first-rate and affordable insurance coverage, TechInsurance has become the leading online agent for companies and professionals specializing in computer consulting and related information technology industries, offering a one stop shop for all of their clients' property and liability insurance needs. Current and prospective subcontractors should go to http://www.techinsurance.com/endeavor to obtain a free quote for competitive pricing.

About TechInsurance
TechInsurance is the nation's leading online insurance agent for small and micro businesses (those with 10 or fewer employees). Since its launch in 1997, TechInsurance has provided a convenient online destination where IT and technology consultants, contractors, and business owners can find essential liability insurance coverage from top-rated providers by completing an application process that takes only a matter of minutes. In addition to offering third-party Cyber Liability Insurance policies, TechInsurance offers General Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation Insurance. For more details about TechInsurance, visit the company's website at http://www.techinsurance.com.

About Endeavor Telecom
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Endeavor is The Telecom Truck Roll Company for carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs, and equipment manufacturers. Endeavor's private label wholesale professional services include: Field Services, such as inside wiring & equipment installation; Order Fulfillment Logistics - equipment configuration, staging, testing, and shipping; and Tier I & II operations and technical support. Endeavor's field organization consists of more than 9,000 highly trained and certified technicians throughout North America, including all of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. For additional information, please visit Endeavor Telecom on the web at: http://www.endeavortelecom.com/.

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