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SaaS solutions may be the future of the cloud

More CPA firms realizing advantages of the cloud. Published: 10/22/2012

Outsourcing an IT infrastructure has become a trend that many small tech companies have been embraced in the past as expensive onsite servers simply don't make sense. White IT outsourcing seems like a suitable solution for small tech firms, software-as-a-service cloud adoption is growing in popularity because of its ability to completely take over an entire IT infrastructure wholly managed by a firm, reported CIO magazine.

"SaaS is more narrow, and we're seeing units outside of central IT lead the drive to evaluate and purchase," Stanton Jones, analyst of emerging technology for Information Services Group, told the magazine. Jones' company recently found the number of cloud-related contracts has increased more than 120 percent since the same time last year.

How can cloud software improve a firm's IT infrastructure?
Today's businesses are all about efficiency. With an outsourced IT infrastructure, firms will now be able to make the necessary changes that may help them become more competitive in their industry.

"Emerging SaaS providers however can take over an entire functional stack like HR, displacing the incumbent hosting provider and the application development and maintenance provider because the SaaS provider provides the hosting and the application run, and the need to heavily customize goes away in favor of configuration," Jones told the magazine.

Finding the right vendors can give firms an opportunity to build a personalized SaaS that works for their company and allows them the most flexibility within their IT infrastructure, said the magazine. But with the convenience of SaaS software, which allows for more collaboration and communication, comes security concerns. By investing in cyberliability insurance policies, companies can feel safer that if their cloud environment becomes compromised they are protected with insurance.

Can firms move all of their processes to the cloud?
A full migration to a cloud environment can be quite the project for many small tech firms who need to keep their critical business information safe to protect the lives of their businesses. However, moving a few choice processes to the cloud may be the best way for businesses to use the cloud.

"Units outside of IT want to move these projects forward, but when they get to the real work of building a business case and negotiations, the projects can bog down because they are focused on features, not the impact to IT, legal, finance and procurement," Jones told the magazine.

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