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IT Contractor Insurance

IT contractor insurance overlaps the kind of coverage that other businesses require, while responding to the specific circumstances faced by businesses in the information technology sector. While insurance policies were once a complex and expensive area of contractor finance, a number of packages are available to protect contractors in the event of on-the-job accidents or negligence claims. Because many clients insist on evidence of their vendors' professional liability insurance, specialized corporate insurance plans for the IT industry are available.

IT contractor insurance provides a few forms of protection. First, it provides coverage of legal defense cost, or any court costs against you. Next is coverage that extends to both W2 employees and 1099 subcontractors. This insurance coverage protects your company from claims resulting from work done by 1099 subcontractors. Another IT insurance coverage option is copyright infringements and intellectual property infringement. There is also a personal injury option. All insurance coverage is worldwide coverage, if the suit is brought in the United States.

Premiums are charged on the basis of revenue that the contracting company earns each year, varying according to the level of coverage required and whether the contractor works through an agency. Many IT contractors find that premiums are lower than they had expected.

IT contractor insurance has opened the door to many new business opportunities. The worry that IT professionals once faced has now been eliminated with an easy quote.