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New Security Flaws in Oracle Products Prove IT Contractors Are Always at Risk

by Max Schleicher 16. April 2014 08:42
Security flaws in Oracle's cloud services reminds IT contractors why they can't take third-party security for granted. Here's how to protect your business. [More]

How You Should Deal with Heartbleed

by Max Schleicher 15. April 2014 08:49
The "Heartbleed" flaw is a major security weakness affecting more than 60% of web servers. Here's what IT professionals need to know to protect their clients. [More]

Courts Slowly Build Tech Case Law: App Thieves Punished

by Max Schleicher 10. April 2014 08:11
The Justice Department's prosecution of mobile app pirates is good news for developers. Read on for more about what took them so long and why the law lags behind tech. [More]

Gadgets over Gals & Guys? Survey Says Gear Beats Humans

by Max Schleicher 9. April 2014 08:29
New research suggests that small businesses will invest in new technology before hiring additional workers. IT consultants are likely to see more business, but could see more risk as well. [More]

What Happens if I Don’t Update Windows XP?

by Max Schleicher 7. April 2014 08:39
When will Microsoft stop supporting XP? April 8, 2014. Warn your clients properly and make sure to address these data security issues with them. [More]

Your Clients Want Mobile Payments? Here’s What to Tell Them

by Max Schleicher 4. April 2014 08:26
Mobile payments sounds great because of their convenience and low cost, but they also carry a greater risk for the IT consultants who set mobile payment software. [More]

Gmail Just Got Safer (But You Could Still Be Sued)

by Max Schleicher 3. April 2014 08:22
While Google increases its Gmail security, IT professionals get an important reminder that client data is always at risk, even when it's hosted by large, trusted corporations. [More]

84% of CIOs Probably Want to Hire You

by Max Schleicher 2. April 2014 08:20
New research shows that many C-suite executives want to invest in mobile software. However, IT companies need to be aware of the risks involved in new mobile trends. [More]

$3 Million Settlement Paves the Way for Non-Identity-Theft Data Breach Awards

by Max Schleicher 31. March 2014 08:17
A new ruling in federal court could mean more expensive data breach lawsuits for IT companies. [More]

When a Client’s Data Breach Is Good News

by Max Schleicher 25. March 2014 08:30
The security firm that works with Target prior to its data breach might see more business come its way. Here's why. [More]

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