IT Recruiters: How to Find Workers' Compensation Insurance for Your Placements

If you work in IT recruitment, staffing, or temporary employment placement, you’ve probably encountered the problem of finding Workers’ Compensation Insurance for the technology professionals you place. We get it: you’re looking to connect 1099s, freelancers, independent contractors, or corps-to-corps professionals with bigger clients. You need to make sure the contractors have the right certifications and insurance requirements. And you need to move fast.

The fact that you’re reading this right now suggests that you’ve heard of TechInsurance and know how we can help. But in case you found this page through a Google search, here are the basics:

  • TechInsurance is an online agency that connects small IT companies (including contractors, 1099s, and freelancers) with business insurance (including Workers’ Comp).
  • In addition to selling directly to IT businesses, we have relationships with IT recruiters to help them find coverage for their placements more efficiently.
  • We can set up a dedicated page for recruiters with coverage requirements pre-filled. This lets you send prospects directly to one place where they can see what insurance they need, apply for that insurance, and receive quotes for coverage.
  • We don’t just sell Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We also offer General Liability, Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions), Fidelity Bonds, and a number of other policies.

Streamlining the Process of Finding Technology Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Picture this: you find about a new project that requires a .net programmer to start ASAP. You know just the person! But you also know that she doesn’t currently carry insurance and this position requires her to.

What do you do?

One option is to point the programmer to TechInsurance for her to fill out an application and get covered. Often, we’re able to start policies for our IT applicants within 24 hours, so there’s a good chance we could have your programmer ready to go whenever the client needs her.

If this kind of thing happens regularly for you, you should probably talk with our Business Relationship Manager, Amanda Brown. She can be reached at Amanda [dot] Brown [at] TechInsurance [dot] com. Tell her you’re a recruiter, and she’ll know exactly what to do.

Estimating Workers’ Compensation Costs

One more note about how TechInsurance may be able to help you find Workers’ Compensation Insurance for the IT contractors you place: because we’ve been in this business so long, we have a pretty good idea of how much your placements can expect to pay for their coverage.

Of course, Workers’ Comp costs vary by state, line of work, and other specifics of a job, but in general, our technology contractors pay between $300 and $1,000 for a year’s worth of coverage. If you’re interested in finding other types of business insurance for the professionals you place, feel free to check out our more detailed cost estimates.