TechInsurance Market Index (TIMI)

The TechInsurance Market Index (TIMI) measures more than which types of insurance policies small IT businesses are buying at the moment. By offering analysis of the information provided to us by the IT professionals who apply for insurance with us, TIMI provides a one-of-a-kind look at the small IT businesses currently operating in the U.S.

Those businesses include single-person operations, consultancies, 1099 contractors, freelancers, and multi-person firms. The work they do ranges from web programming to SEO consulting to network security work to systems integration to network cable installation to data mining and beyond. What’s the same about all these businesses, though, is that they’re small (most have fewer than 10 employees) and they need every edge possible to compete.

Whether you want to find out how you stack up against other technology professionals around the U.S. or discover where you’re most exposed to risk, TIMI has answers. Download your free copy of the report today.

If you have suggestions for us for the next version of this report or questions that TIMI didn’t address, feel free to send us an email – we’d love to make TIMI even more useful to you.

TIMI Reports

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