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What Isn't Covered by E&O Insurance?

Like any insurance policy, Errors & Omissions Insurance can't protect your business against everything. While specific exclusions vary from carrier to carrier and policy to policy, the following are events that are commonly excluded from E and O protection.

  • Malicious, dishonest, criminal, or illegal acts, including intentional violation of any law, regulation, statute, or ordinance.
  • Services you might provide under the name of any other business, charity, or organization that is not named in the policy.
  • Liability for damages against or on behalf of any other insured party named on the policy (i.e., if your partner sues you or your company, your policy won't cover you).
  • Copyright, patent, or trademark infringement.
  • Bodily harm to any person, including sickness or death (though this may be covered by your General Liability Insurance).
  • Damaged property or loss of use resulting from such damage.
  • Libel or slander.
  • Illegal discrimination.
  • Violation of any securities act.
  • Pollution.
  • Humiliation, imprisonment, wrongful entry, eviction, invasion of privacy, or malicious prosecution.
  • Insolvency.
  • Extraordinary liability assumed under contract (unless the liability would have existed even in the absence of the contract).
  • Failure to secure, provide, advise, or maintain financing or other monies (unless you have a financial services / investment advisor policy).

Keep in mind that, depending on your needs, you may be able to add coverage for some of these incidents to your E & O policy. The best way to ensure that your policy offers coverage for the risks you face is to talk with an insurance agent familiar with the needs of small IT businesses.

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