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What to Do Today to Prevent Data Breaches and Identity Theft

  • Always use hard-to-crack passwords (and if you have employees, require them to do the same). Test the strength of your current passwords at howsecureismypassword.net.
  • Use unique passwords (i.e., ones not used for any other accounts). Again, make sure any employees are doing this as well.
  • Make sure computers and devices encrypt all data when a user is logged out. (This feature is usually included in operating systems, but you might need to turn it on in your settings.)
  • Talk with your insurance provider about adding Cyber Liability Insurance to your General Liability Insurance policy. (You can also purchase a separate Cyber policy, depending on your needs.)
  • Put someone in charge of data security. If you’re operating alone and aren’t tech-savvy, consider working with an IT contractor. If you already have someone working on IT in your business, discuss increasing security measures.
  • If you have employees, make an announcement about the new focus on data security and how everyone’s actions today can prevent data breaches and identity thefts tomorrow.